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Dec 03, 15

Helping Hels with the website for her new business and also looking at a major (long overdue) redesign of my business website. This tool looks very useful (but USD100)

Dec 24, 14

One of the best reference works on trees and shrubs for British gardens - and the whole text free on the Internet! Hats off to the International Dendrological Society.

Dec 16, 14

Handy list of noxious weeds in the US - essentially, if it is listed here, forget trying to commercialise it in the US.

Nov 18, 14

This looks very interesting. We've been looking at ways to have a convenient mode of displaying our product range and we had begun to think about photo books. The problem is cost - it's likely to be the case that we have only one or two copies and treat it as a disposable item, updated and replaced several times a year. Then I found Blurb and their magazine product - the price is amazing. Anyone else used these people?

Aug 19, 14

Works whilst is offline. Looks like SoundCloud are having a crackdown.

Jul 30, 14

Evidently, grayblog is one of the oldest still-running UK blogs, although I would say that the sort of content that appears here means that it is more "barely running" than anything.

Jul 09, 14

We are planning to switch to digital contracts, as paper is both slow and expensive. This looks like a good solution, but I want to check it over with my legal eagle first.

Mar 13, 14

Has the Imperial Pure range that we like, with free delivery and good pricing - comparable with IKEA and more contemporary and bigger range.

Mar 13, 14

Liking this office furniture range. But how much? And what are their office hours?

Mar 13, 14

We reckon we can make a bench that looks like that from oak sleepers.

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