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Grant Potter

Grant Potter's Public Library

about 8 hours ago

a new host for discussions around digital arts, freedom, and things like that.

about 11 hours ago

Radio Station Content Management System (Playlists, archives, podcasts, events, fundraising...) ... as used on WFMU

about 11 hours ago

Flash-based pop-up MP3 player for radio show archives

about 13 hours ago

Text to speech translators

Mar 03, 15

"Combines stereo audio oscillator, sequencer, input for analog video processor and control by CV/Gate."

  • The mythology of the mad genius: Five myths about creativity

    Where do ideas come from? Do you have to suffer for your art? And are all artists really that eccentric? Find out when moderator and Acting Dean of Fine Arts Dr Lynne Van Luven deconstructs the myths of creativity

Feb 28, 15

"The Silk Road might have started as a libertarian experiment, but it was doomed to end as a fiefdom run by pirate kings"

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