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    • Use RoboForm to Login to Other Android Apps and Sites Using Chrome


      Works for applications with Login screen on Android 4.1.2 and higher and web sites in Chrome on Android 4.3 and higher.

      • Open Android Settings -> Accessibility -> RoboForm and switch it on.
      • Open another App with a login screen or a web site in Chrome.
      • Tap on the password field. Roboform should open matching dialog. In this dialog you can find your saved password. If you have not previously saved a password, then you can save it.
      • Return to the application or Chrome browser using the system application manager.
      • Tap on any input and you will see it filled.

  • Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting: Mental Performance Protocol


    Goal: Improve and/or sustain mental performance while getting more benefits than plain intermittent fasting.


    Step 1: Finish dinner by 8 pm


    No snacking after dinner – go to bed whenever you want.


    Step 2: Drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning


    Bulletproof Coffee is a mix of brewed Upgraded Coffee beans, grass-fed butter, and Upgraded XCT Oil. You can find the complete recipe here. Don’t mess around with cheap coffee, which will sabotage your efforts since 91.7% of green coffee has mycotoxins in it.


    Drink as much Bulletproof Coffee as you like in the morning. You can have another cup before 2:00 PM if you get hungry. No coffee after 2:00 PM or you won’t sleep.


    Step 2.5 (optional) – Work out


    This is not necessary to gain muscle and lose fat, but it helps. If you’re going to work out, lift something heavy right before you break the fast in step 3. I’d suggest high intensity weight training. Shorter and harder is better than longer exercise. You will need to sleep more if you exercise.


    Step 3: Do not eat until 2pm


    This means you’ve not had anything to eat except Bulletproof Coffee for 18 hours.  This should occur from the time you wake, through the morning, and into the afternoon. If 18 hours is too long, start with a shorter fast and increase from there.


    Step 4: Eat as much Bulletproof food as you like for 6 hours (until 8 pm)


    The number of meals you eat during this time is irrelevant, as is the amount of calories.

    • Intermittent fasting increases lifespan in rats by 15-20%. [1]
    •      It can improve cholesterol levels by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and blood triglycerides. [2]
    •      It gently stresses your cells, making them more resilient. [3,4] This includes neurons (brain cells). [5]
    •      It can also promote autophagy in your neurons – that’s when they get rid of damage, toxins, and waste. [6] Autophagy is partially responsible for the huge boost in mental clarity you may experience during intermittent fasting.

    • Bulletproof Diet and Intermittent Fasting – My 1.5 Year Results


      tl;dr version:

      • The Bulletproof diet has worked! (for me, at least). But it’s less of a “diet”, and more of a lifestyle.
      • To follow the diet long-term, some individual refinements need to be made (such as cutting back intermittent fasting, increasing carbs or adding a “refuel” day, or avoiding certain foods until pre-existing gut/autoimmune issues have been addressed).
      • Out of range markers such as high LDL cholesterol were not due to the diet – rather, the diet “exposed” other pre-existing issues such as under active thyroid and adrenals, gut issues, and chronic infections. 

    • But for women who are already mothers, or who are looking forward to children, or women who simply haven’t decided one way or another, fertility and women’s hormones are vitally important. Stefani Ruper’s “Paleo for Women” list of principles is worth repeating here, because she does a better job of describing what a “Bulletproof” evolutionary perspective does for women than I do:

      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman does not work against but instead works with her body.
      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman listens to her body.
      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman does not see herself as separate from her body.
      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman loves and respects her body.
      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman is free.
      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman feels good.  
      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman looks amazing and real. 
      • With an evolutionary perspective, chins come up.
      • With an evolutionary perspective, a woman is fierce.
      • With an evolutionary perspective, things aren’t perfect.
  • Epigenetics is also the reason I don’t advocate “chronic cardio” or intense daily exercise for men or women. It sends the epigenetic signal, “A tiger is chasing you every single day. Your species must be under threat.” For men, this translates to, “Reproduce quickly and die.” For women, this translates to “Be fertile quickly (early puberty), reproduce quickly, and get out of the way (die) to make room (maybe to feed the tiger?).”


    So the problems of caloric restriction, excess cardio, and intermittent fasting are related and express themselves in exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, and hormone problems, in both women and men, but women are more sensitive to these effects than men and feel the problems first.

  • The fat makes your body stay in ketosis so your physiology gets the benefits of Intermittent Fasting, but the fats provide enough fuel for your brain that you don’t get the same stress response. You still have energy (it feels like more energy than a normal breakfast provides), and you can still make hormones.

  • Fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in the elderly, scientists have found in a breakthrough described as "remarkable".

    Although fasting diets have been criticised by nutritionists for being unhealthy, new research suggests starving the body kick-starts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which fight off infection.

    Scientists at the University of Southern California say the discovery could be particularly beneficial for people suffering from damaged immune systems, such as cancer patients on chemotherapy.

    It could also help the elderly whose immune system becomes less effective as they age, making it harder for them to fight off even common diseases.

  • Conclusions


    Alternate day fasting as a model for calorie restriction


    Intermittent fasting in the form of alternate day fasting in many instances reduces overall energy intake, with no obvious adverse effects, and thus becomes a model of calorie restriction in both human and animal subjects. Secondary to reduced energy intake and weight loss, effects such as reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and improved glucose metabolism have been demonstrated in both animal and human subjects on true and modified alternate-day fasting diets.


    In rats, protection against ischemic injury and improved survival has been demonstrated in both myocardial and cerebral ischemic events. Other beneficial effects, such as slowing the neuronal aging process and increasing cognitive functions and memory, have been observed. In line with animal studies on daily calorie restriction, alternate-day calorie restriction has shown beneficial effects in neuronal disorders such as stroke, epilepsy and neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. Additionally, calorie restriction can reduce cancer risk and increase life span in rodent models on alternate-day fasting diets.

  • SendInput and SendPlay [v1.0.43+]: SendInput and SendPlay use the same syntax as Send but are generally faster and more reliable. In addition, they buffer any physical keyboard or mouse activity during the send, which prevents the user's keystrokes from being interspersed with those being sent.

  • This script will set the taskbar on autohide when OneNote is open, I decided to use autohide because I believe it's the only way to increase screen real estate? Or you would have to kill taskbar or maybe change it's height or something?


    I'll do more experimenting if this isn't what you wanted?


    F8 is used as an emergency exit of the program

    #SingleInstance, Force  VarSetCapacity(APPBARDATA, A_PtrSize=4 ? 36:48)  Original_Setting := DllCall("Shell32\SHAppBarMessage"   , "UInt", Msg_ABM_GETSTATE                                                         , "Ptr", &APPBARDATA                                                         , "Int") If (Original_Setting == 2) {     New_Setting = 3  } ELse If(Original_Setting == 0) {     New_Setting = 1 }   ;Main Loop Loop { ;WinGet, OneNote_PID, PID, OneNote WinWaitActive, ahk_exe OneNote.exe Taskbar_Hide() Loop {         WinWaitNotActive, ahk_exe OneNote.exe         Sleep, 50     IfWinNotActive, ahk_exe OneNote.exe     break } Taskbar_Restore() }   Taskbar_Restore() {     global Original_Setting     global APPBARDATA     NumPut(Original_Setting, APPBARDATA, A_PtrSize=4 ? 32:40)     DllCall("Shell32\SHAppBarMessage"   , "UInt", 10 ; ABM_SETSTATE                                         , "Ptr", &APPBARDATA) }  Taskbar_Hide() {     global New_Setting     global APPBARDATA     NumPut(New_Setting, APPBARDATA, A_PtrSize=4 ? 32:40)     DllCall("Shell32\SHAppBarMessage"   , "UInt", 10 ; ABM_SETSTATE                                         , "Ptr", &APPBARDATA) }   F8::ExitApp

  • ControlSend is generally not capable of manipulating a window's menu bar. To work around this, use WinMenuSelectItem. If that is not possible due to the nature of the menu bar, you could try to discover the message that corresponds to the desired menu item by following the SendMessage Tutorial.

  • For example, if a script calls a nonexistent function MyFunc(), the program searches for a file named "MyFunc.ahk" in the user library. If not found there, it searches for it in the standard library.
  • If a match is still not found and the function's name contains an underscore (e.g. MyPrefix_MyFunc), the program searches both libraries for a file named MyPrefix.ahk and loads it if it exists. This allows MyPrefix.ahk to contain both the function MyPrefix_MyFunc and other related functions whose names start with MyPrefix_.

  • Windows apps runs on all devices, Windows desktop app is PC only. Windows apps run everywhere.

    • Luckily, there is a hidden way:

      1.   Open File Explorer and paste the following in the address bar:
         %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1} 
      3.   Press Enter. You should be greeted with a secret folder containing a bunch of random apps and actions. 
      5.   Find the Modern app you want to create a shortcut to. Right-click on it and choose “Create shortcut”. It will show up on your desktop. 

  • The server key contains two keys.  The one of these that is not named BackgroundTransferHost.1 is the one that will have a property called AppUserModelID.  The value of this is what is needed in order to launch a metro app.  This is the ID property returned from Get-MetroApp.
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