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  • 3. Duplicate anything in seconds


    I’ve used this trick in Illustrator for years, and it’s the same in Sketch. If you hold Option, then click and drag an element, it will copy it. Once you’ve placed it, just hit Cmd+D to do it again and again.

  • 15 Billion Dollars in Amazon Gift Cards Outstanding
     The fact that Amazon gift cards cannot be traded on gift card exchanges has led to the creation of an extremely illiquid market. There are more than 15 billion dollars in unspent Amazon gift cards, which is a third of all outstanding gift cards in the US and 3X Bitcoin’s current market cap.

  • Acknowledging the complexity of life may be an especially fruitful path to psychological well-being

  • ; To automatically close the TeamViewer "sponsored session" popup, run or ; reload this script each login session up to 30 seconds before disconnecting.  #Persistent #SingleInstance SetTitleMatchMode 2 ; Match substring of full title  ; Only look for the popup for 30 seconds, in case this particular ; session didn't trigger it Found = 0 SetTimer, DoneLooking, -30000  SetTimer, CloseTeamViewerNag, 250  CloseTeamViewerNag: ; Kill the "sponsored session" popup IfWinExist, Sponsored session {  Found = 1  SetTimer, CloseTeamViewerNag, Off  ControlClick, OK  WinClose, TeamViewer } Return  DoneLooking: if !(Found) {  SetTimer, CloseTeamViewerNag, Off } Return
  • Extras>Options>Advanced>scroll down to Log Files and Uncheck enable logging/Log outgoing connections/Log incoming connections.


    Then move down to More and check Disable Teamviewer shutdown.




    simple and easy no need for scripts happy.png




    Hope this helps others enjoy.

  • Ingredients:


    Jiaogulan, Himalayan Goji, Acai,


    Peruvian Maca, American Ginseng,


    Schisandra Fruit, Asian Licorice Root,


    Rhodiola Rosea, Astragalus Root,


    Reishi Mushroom, Catuaba, Guarana,




    pure organic grade B maple syrup

Feb 10, 16

"App bar

The app bar, formerly known as the action bar in Android, is a special kind of toolbar that’s used for branding, navigation, search, and actions."

  • Ultimately, though, the most compelling reason to give blood is the other people whose lives depend on it. Little perks like a minor improvement in insulin sensitivity or cholesterol levels are nice for the donor, but they’re nothing compared to the immediate, life-saving benefit for the recipient. The real reason to give blood isn’t the small benefit for yourself; it’s the huge benefit for someone who needs it.

  • pay attention to your inner and outer dialogues about your child. How would you describe her to me? What are you worried about?
  • BTW, we are not the only ones who put our children in roles. Grandparents, teachers, siblings, the child himself... heck, a passing stranger can even slap a label on your child.

  • By detecting users’ intent to select additional filters, sites can offer a smoother, more efficient filtering experience. Use interactive filters if your users are exploratory in their search. Use batch filtering when your users have clear refinement criteria, or you know that your site will be slow at least occasionally (e.g., on mobile devices).

  • An OLED screen has no backlight, because each sub-pixel is an OLED that directly emits light, with the video signal controlling its brightness. The depth of black, where the OLEDs are off, is only limited by any ambient light reflecting off the display. Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays share technology with LCD panels, since each OLED is driven by a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) addressed through a row-and-column matrix. Without the various inefficient light guides, diffusers, polarising films and colour filters found in LCD panels, the OLED pixel LEDs can deliver high brightness for high peak whites. OLED technology has the potential to deliver high peak brightness and a wide range of contrast and colour gamut. OLEDs also have the advantage in response time, with claims of 0.1 milliseconds (ms).
  • However at present, blue OLEDs suffer from efficiency and longevity problems.

  • I want him to live consciously. When it matters, I want him to calculate: what's the penalty for breaking the rule, and what may be the penalty for not breaking it?

  • Quickly Selecting Layers in Groups


    Groups are a very convenient way of organizing content, and sort-of prevent layers from accidental edits; until you double-click it, the group is treated as one layer and its contents can’t be selected individually.


    However, there are situations where you want to select a particular layer buried deep inside a hierarchy of groups. To save you lots of double-clicking while you go down deeper and deeper into the group hierarchy, you can instead hold down the key and select that deeply buried layer straight away.

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