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  • You can. A couple of disclaimers: I haven't done this personally because when I first got my smartphone in 2010, I started using my Google Voice # as my cell # from the beginning.

     Secondly, I acquired (for free) an unlimited data line for free from an individual that used this method. He ported his number to GV, changed it through VZW and allowed me to assume the Unlimited line and still have unlimited.

     Third, if I recall correctly, VZW keeps all #s that have been recently changed or gotten rid of frozen, unable to be given to someone else for a period of time. Not sure if it is 7 days or 30 or longer. I speak from experience because I changed my number through my VZW account and had second thoughts the next day. I called customer service and they transferred me to some upper level department that was able to reassign my old # back to my line. This is your way out in case something goes wrong.

     Now, here are the details taken from:

     Success story, porting my VZW number to Google Voice
     crash69 Citizen
     crash69 May 11, 2011 11:44 AM

     The following is how I've taken my Verizon Wireless cell phone number and ported it to Google Voice with little frustration. Please attempt at your own risk as this is not for the faint of heart (I have had this cell number for 10 + years and I did not want to loose it).

     I called and talked to a Verizon support technician, and while he didn't have any experience with Google Voice, he recommended I port my number via Google Voice and then change my number associated to my Verizon Account as soon as possible (you can do this via the Verizon Wireless website).

      First I loaded both the Google Voice website for porting my current cell phone number and in a separate tab, I loaded the Verizon Wireless site for changing my cell phone number (while logged into the Verizon Wireless site, you can query for "Change Phone Number" and this will take you to the correct page)
      I then followed the steps for porting my current cell number to Google Voice (Warning, there is a $20.00 charge from Google to provide this service)
      As soon as I finished the steps on the Google site, I immediately began the steps for changing my wireless number on the Verizon Wireless site
      I then had to re-register my cell phone on the Verizon network by dialing *228 option 1 (Warning, my phone reset it-self to factory default with out warning... as always, make sure your data is backed up)

     As the instructions on the Google Voice site state, the porting process can take up to 24 hours (i.e. your old number will be out of service for a full day); for me it was approximately 23 hours to the minute. Also, as stated on the instructions, you may not have text messaging to your old number for up to three days (mine is still not working but I am only 36 hours into the process).

     Best of luck

     Now, a couple things, 4G phones do not use *228. It may take a few attempts of powering down and powering down the phone to get it to recognize your new #, but newer sims should be able to recognize a new # without having to be replaced.

     Obviously, there is always some risk. Regardless, if you attempt to port your number to Google Voice, be prepared there may be a 24-28 period or less where you may not receive all your texts or where you receive them at both numbers. However, this should resolve itself.

     Idealy, try to do it on a weekend or a day where you may be less reliant on your phone.

  • been doing GV on iphone since forever beginning with a (now) ancient jailbroken iphone3 before whenever the official GV app was first introduced on iphone. (for those on android, you folks seem to have an enviable better more integrated situation.) nowadays, using GV on an iphone 5 (no jailbreak) with my favorite GV apps.

    best must-have GV apps on iphone:

    1. official GV app
    2. GV Connect
    3. GV Mobile + 3

    the official GV app is free. the GV Connect app and the GV Mobile app are paid apps that are worth buying. do not even bother with any other free GV apps on iphone. my experience is that these three apps are must have. sorry, but the Hangouts app on iphone is not for me and seems to be geared first towards Hangout video calls which as result makes Hangouts clumsy to use if want to make voice calls to phone numbers. (however, imho, Hangouts is better on a computer.)

    you need the official GV app if you want to direct call via the iphone using your cellular minutes where your GV number shows up on the caller id.

    the GV Connect app has the best user interface. and the GV Connect app has the best settings menu to control many GV settings without using a computer.

    the GV Mobile + 3 app is the best GV app to have if you want your GV to be totally VoIP via only data (no cellular voice minutes used) using its built-in Call via VoIP setting (or you can use a sip) without needing that terribly awful Hangouts app on iphone.

    if you want to use GV to forward calls to your cell number, then you want to use at least the offical GV app. if you want a great interface, then use the GV Connect app for sending texts and managing your call history and managing your GV settings, but use the official GV app as your dialer to call out using your cellular minutes and where your GV number shows up on the caller id. [Note: Google did something recently (more technical people could better explain this) where third-party apps can no longer dial out directly using cellular voice minutes showing the GV number on caller id. use the official GV app for dialing those calls.] This is my primary arrangement using GV Connect plus the official GV app as the dialer -- while using homescreen shortcut icons (made via the iconical app -- no jailbreak needed) to go to functions in those apps to make the app icons more consistent (using custom icon images) on the homescreen.

    if you want a totally data-only GV VoIP capability without using cellular voice minutes, then use GV Mobile and forget about Hangouts. GV Mobile is for you on iphone if you want total VoIP.

    a note on MMS: if you set GV to also forward copies of your texts to your cell number, you will get MMS picture messages in imessages without having to go into gmail to see any MMS pictures.

  • Summary of Verizon Call Forwarding Codes


    All calls: Call *72 + new number  Only when busy/no answer: Call *71 + new number  Turn off forwarding: Call *73 You can also watch this video to learn how to set up call forwarding.

  • Yahoo owns about 35% of Yahoo Japan, which has a market value of almost 25 billion USD on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • I typed up full instructions to make things easier to share.

    1. Download and install admuncher ( )
    2. Download and install privoxy ( )
    3. In privoxy, click Edit/Edit Main Configuration
    4. Scroll down to section 4.2 and change toggle to 0 and save
    5. (optional but recommended) To disable privoxy's blocking, go to edit/default actions and just clear out the file and save
    6. Download Enableloopback Utility ( ... ption.aspx ) to Enable proxy for App Store
    7 Run it and select the apps you want access through the proxy (leave Microsoft Edge unchecked)
    8. Save Changes
    9. restart computer
    10. On restart open up admuncher and go to options/filter targets
    11. under My Filter targets add (manually type in) +privoxy:*
    12 Apply and close
    13. Now go to Action Center/All Settings/Network & Internet/Proxy (or for IE11, in IE go to settings/internet options/connections/lan settings)
    14 Make sure Automatically Detect is off
    15. Turn on Use a Proxy Server for your lan
    16. Key in with port 8118
    17. Hit OK and now Ads should be blocked in Edge and IE11 :)

    (make sure privoxy is enabled by right clicking the icon in the tray and making sure enabled is checked)

    Good site to make sure you set it up correctly is because it's packed with ads ... 4.jpg.html

  • ERISA Protection

    One big difference between 401(k) and IRA accounts is that the workplace plan is protected from your creditors by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Even if you file bankruptcy, your 401(k) is off-limits. As of 2013, IRAs are only shielded to around $1.17 million in bankruptcy, and they aren't protected from lawsuits and other financial threats. ERISA protects your 401(k) rollover from creditors, but only if the money is kept separate. Commingle it with regular contributions, and you only have regular IRA protection.

    • What, exactly, is product marketing?


      Product marketing encompasses a lot of important components, including:

      • Crafting positioning and messaging.
      • Analyzing the competitive landscape.
      • Building a go-to-market strategy.
      • Creating content to help the sales team close deals.
      • Educating the company on all of the above.

  • There are two types of people in this world: killers and the killed.


    You can move yourself from the killed bucket to the killers bucket by ‘doing the work,’ but in my experience only 10% of the people in the world ever make it from deer to tiger.

  • Hustle early and often is the best life strategy.
  • 6/Never get involved in politics & never be negative.

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    • Ideally, your child will receive a W-2 for work performed; otherwise, it is a good idea to keep excellent records from jobs that don’t provide a W-2: babysitting, yard work, mothers’ helpers, entrepreneurial endeavors, etc. Your records should include:

      • Type of work
      • When the work was done
      • For whom the work was done
      • How much your child was paid
  • For example, if your daughter earns $3,000 at a summer job, you can let her spend her money as she wishes and you make the $3,000 IRA contribution with your own money. You might also offer to contribute a percentage of what your child earns, such as 50% (your child earns $3,000 and you contribute $1,500). Whatever approach you decide to take, the IRS doesn’t care who makes the contribution as long as it does not exceed your child’s earned income for the year.

  • So what can you do to build a company full of loyalists instead of a company full of mercenaries? First you must lead. If you think you are a good leader, get better. If you think you are a great leader, you can get better. Get coaching and focus on becoming the best leader you can be.


    Second, build a mission driven company. Make sure you are doing something that matters. If all you are doing is trying to make money for yourself, then all your employees will try to do is make money for themselves.


    Third, invest in values and culture. Matt’s post is a good starting place for some tips on how to do that.  Build a welcoming home and put comfortable furniture in it. I mean that metaphorically of course. But the office does matter too.


    Finally, think about being somewhere other than the Bay Area or NYC. Yes, they are great places to start companies, find talent, and get investment. But they are also places where others start companies, get investment, and find your talent. It’s a ratrace, a treadmill, and it’s grueling. If you can avoid it, you owe it to yourself to try.

  • A market network often starts by enhancing a network of professionals that exists offline. Many of them have been transacting with each other for years using fax, checks, overnight packages and phone calls.


    By moving these connections and transactions into software, a market network makes it significantly easier for professionals to operate their businesses and clients to get better service.

  • People matter. With complex services, each client is unique, and the professional they get matters. Would you hand over your wedding to just anyone? Or your home remodel? The people on both sides of those equations are not interchangeable like they are with Lyft or Uber. Each person brings unique opinions, expertise and relationships to the transaction.
  • A market network is designed to acknowledge that as a core tenet — and provide a solution

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