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Jan 28, 16

My Search Strategy article trending for weeks on eSchool News: #edtechchat #edtech #edadmin #cpchat #blc16

Jan 26, 16

"Ms. Cassidy's Classroom Blog
Six & Seven Year Olds Inviting the World into Their Classroom

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Ms. Cassidy's Classroom Blog"
@gevkleiman Check out the blog of first grade teacher, @mscassidysclass for global connections.

Jan 25, 16

Holiday viewing: BLC Keynotes: #edtech #edtechchat #cpchat #ipaded #edadmin
RT @Kish_Gue: Check out these keynoters from last year’s Building Learning Communities Conference #EMSBedu

Jan 21, 16

Excited to keynote at the Napa Education Exchange conference in March. Hope to see you there! @Napaedex

Dec 25, 15

RT @1nspirethem: check out the inspiring message my students have for drivers! #keepmesafe

Nov 30, 15

"Celebrate learning without borders with Microsoft’s first-ever global Skype-a-Thon

11/19/2015 in Big Blog by The Skype Team

Since its 2009 launch, Skype in the Classroom has given students the ability to circle the globe, visiting places they once could only read about in books, and allowing them to connect with people of all ages and cultures around the world – without having to leave their classrooms.

Over 400,000 teachers from 265 countries and regions have joined our mission to bring real life learning to over 6 million students – enabling them to talk to marine biologists, zoo keepers and authors, visit Kenya, Kiribati and the top of Mount Everest, and learn about how to be better global citizens."

Nov 05, 15

"In his visit to the Rome synagogue in 1986, Pope John Paul II referred to the Jewish people as “the beloved elder brothers of the Church”. He developed this idea with his own notable formulation of the essential message of Nostra Aetate. One of the occasions on which I was privileged to meet with John Paul II was in Assisi in January 1993 on the occasion of the gathering he had convened for prayer for peace in the Balkans. In receiving me and my colleague, he declared “I have said, you (the Jewish People) are the beloved elder brother of the Church of the original Covenant never broken and never to be broken”."

Oct 28, 15

"Engaging and rigorous reading
across the curriculum

Scaffolding, peer learning, and assessment come together inside a text,
exactly when students need help and motivation."

Sep 30, 15

" Peeking Into Division 15

We are kindergarten, grade one, grade two, and grade three students in Ms. Lirenman's class in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Join us as we share some of our learning with you."

Sep 29, 15

Deadline Oct.1: Join the amazing community of presenters sharing world class creative innovative practice for BLC16

Sep 16, 15

@hollymarich Hope to see you and your Nevada colleagues at BLC in Boston this July. On the way to the future!
Early bird registration for BLC15 by April 21, #edtech #edchat #cpchat #ipaded #blc15 #geniushour. Tap your passion
#BLC15 early bird registration is open until April 25. #edtech #ipaded #edchat Massage your brain and heart!
Surprise guest, Harvard Computer Science Prof @davidjmalan ,CS50 presenting at BLC #edtech #hourofcode #genioushour
@thewendywells Hope to see you at BLC. Let me know if you need more info:
@richard_royal Check out my Building Learning Communities conference in Boston, July 20 - 22. Reg by Nov. 1.

Sep 16, 15

What do you think? OECD report says technology in schools leads to lower test scores on global comparison, PISA.

Sep 12, 15

Seeking world class presenters for BLC16 in Boston,July 20 - 22. Presenters deadline is Oct. 1 Application: #edtech

Sep 08, 15

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