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Flipping my classroom
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Feb 24, 15

"Support Classroom Instruction Practice • Instruction • Intervention
Assessment • Differentiation

Feb 24, 15

" Support
Getting Started Guide

How and when should I get started with Front Row the first time?

A lot of teachers ask us when they should start using Front Row with their students, and there's one simple answer: whenever you feel that your students could benefit from more targeted independent practice. Front Row is a program that accurately isolates skills and gaps with every student - then it fills the gaps and builds on the strengths, allowing students to grow into extraordinary mathematicians.


Feb 24, 15

Prodigy is the world's most
engaging math game
Do your students run home and answer 100 math questions per night? Ours do."

Feb 24, 15

"Empowering all students to create with technology through free computer science clubs
CS First provides free, easy-to-use computer science (CS) enrichment materials that target and engage a diverse student population.

Feb 19, 15

"Office Sway for Education: Reimagine How your ideas come to Life"

Feb 04, 15

"About 311,000 results (0.31 seconds)
Search Results

► 13:26
Markham Nolan: How to separate fact and fiction ... -"

Feb 04, 15

"How can we build students' understanding, increase engagement in the subject areas through thinking, and improve students' thinking?
How can we foster positive thinking and learning attitudes as well as abilities?
How can we use the arts and artifacts as foci of thoughtful learning for understanding across the subject areas?
How can we document student thinking so that both teachers and students are better able to understand and develop it?
How can we foster a culture of thinking and regard for thoughtful learning in the classroom?
How can we build teacher collegiality and collaboration around a culture of thinking and thoughtful learning? "

Jan 29, 15

"About 6,430 results (0.40 seconds)
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[PPT]How Search Engines Work

Search is Only as Good as the Content. Users blame the search engine. Even when the content is unavailable. Understand the scope of site or intranet. Kinds of ..."

Jan 27, 15

"Create with Fusion Tables

These tutorials step you through using Fusion Tables’ features to accomplish neat things with your data. See what others have done in the Example Gallery.
Basic tutorials

Get started using Fusion Tables:

Create a map
Turn a table of locations into a map.
Create: a business card layout
Convert a table of data into a customized display
Customize and filter
Create a chart, customize your maps, learn about cards, create filters and summaries of your data.
Share and publish
Make your data accessible to others, publish Fusion Tables visualizations."

Dec 30, 14

RT @Don_Jacobs: Just blogged: What I didn't expect in 2014


Dec 16, 14

K12 Lab Network launches Design Thinking in Schools Map & Directory
kkrummeck | October 15, 2013

We are excited to launch our first ever Design Thinking in Schools map and directory. A collaboration between the’s K12 Lab and IDEO’s Design for Learning practice the map is a tool to help parents and educators find inspiration from others and make the connections they need to bring design thinking into their schools. We are thrilled to feature… "

Dec 09, 14


by TheFineBros
121 videos

Kids React is a weekly show where kids aged 5-14 give their raw honest opinion about viral videos, politics, movie trailers, pop stars, YouTube stars and more!

Dec 09, 14

"What is Artsonia?
Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and preserve their masterpieces for all time! "

Dec 09, 14




Earth Science
Life Science
Physical Science


SAT Exam Prep.

Dec 09, 14

"1. Let students create their world.
If you have an aggressive Minecraft class, you can put them in a single world and either let them all build it by themselves, or allow all the students to build a world together. Personally, I just open up a world in MinecraftEDU (which makes it easier for the teacher since you can do things like freeze the students and transport). I don’t use worlds that have already been created, opting instead to let the kids build their own. I use MinecraftEDU as my server runner and open up the superflat world. We start building and we end up with a crazy math city."

Dec 09, 14

"Student self-assessment/self-grading*
Response to intervention*
Teacher credibility*
Providing formative assessments*
Classroom discussion*
Teacher clarity*
Reciprocal teaching*
Teacher-student relationships fostered*
Spaced vs. mass practice*
Meta-cognitive strategies taught and used
Classroom behavioral techniques
Vocabulary programs
Repeated reading programs
Creativity programs
Student prior achievement
Self-questioning by students
Study skills
Problem-solving teaching
Not labeling students
Concept mapping
Cooperative vs individualistic learning
Direct instruction
Tactile stimulation programs
Mastery learning
Worked examples"

Dec 05, 14

"Edmodo Curriculet app
<a href="/channel/UCNx0UfPSHcK7JG9WPBVim-Q" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink spf-link g-hovercard" data-sessionlink="ei=5dCBVNvADcWOrQbRnILwAg" data-ytid="UCNx0UfPSHcK7JG9WPBVim-Q" data-name="">Ashley Wolfenbarger</a>
Ashley Wolfenbarger
Published on Sep 9, 2014

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3:42 IBM Project Lucy Adby Partnerships TED 5,271 views
30:15 Simplifying a Teacher's Life: Free Technology Tools for Assessment by Teaching Speaks Volumes 1,511 views
18:31 Moby Max Edmodo App by Ashley Wolfenbarger 18 views
12:27 Edmodo Tutorial for Teachers (Basic) by Cynthia Gottlieb 69 views
3:21 Romantica Amazonica - Los Chinches by MovimientosUK Recommended for you"

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