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  • 1.  Selling to the wrong people.
  • it’s a waste of time to try selling to people who simply don’t need what you’re offering.
  • Feel free to say no to customers that are more trouble than they’re worth. 

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  • The more you contribute, the more you’ll enjoy your life, and the more you enjoy your life, the more motivation, energy, and willingness you’ll have to contribute.

  • The No. 1 Creativity Habit


    In a word: solitude.

  • The No. 2 Creative Habit


    While it might seem contradictory, the No. 2 habit when it comes to nurturing creativity: participation.

  • Chase Jarvis: “Devour Popular Culture. Consuming the works of others inspires me. And it’s not just museums and the “establishment”. I devour magazines, books, street art, performances, music, etc. All things that make me think critically (and whimsically) about the world. You get the picture. Inspiration can come from anywhere.”

  • Instead of focusing on trying to make more money, put your time and energy into CREATING and DELIVERING real value. Find a way to give people what they want and/or need.


    Take note that the keywords here are CREATE and DELIVER.

  • If you don’t do both in some fashion, then it’s going to be hard for you to generate sustainable income, especially during a recession.
  • I see this problem a lot with creative types such as would-be artists, musicians, and writers. They may spend lots of time honing their craft, but if they don’t actually get that value into the hands of sufficient numbers of people, they struggle financially, and this hurts them creatively too.

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