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Sep 09, 15

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How to use Google Plus to Market and Promote Your Blog
Posted on 14 January, 2014
How to Use Google Plus to Market and Promote your Blog

If you are not on Google+ then you need to sign up….like yesterday! I know most of us are still stuck on Facebook and Google+ seems like just another social media network. I’m here to tell you that Google+ is much more than just another social media network! If you want to grow your blog then you need Google’s help.
How to use Google Plus to Market and Promote Your Blog

How to use Google Plus to Market and Promote Your Blog

Complete Your Profile

The profile area is one of those things most of use leave blank. In some cases leaving your profile blank is perfectly fine. But not on Google+! Google+ connects your name with sites you write for and gives you an author ranking. You will want to ensure that you have the profile 100% completed to maximize your Google+ traffic.
Circle, Circle, Circle

On some social media platforms it can be a real challenge to gain followers. Thankfully, it isn’t to hard to get followers on Google+. Almost everyone on Google+ is new to the platform and also looking to gain followers. Spend time every day adding people to your circles. More times than not people will circle you back. This is a great way to grow your following, which in turn gives you bigger audience to promote your blog.
Start a Hangout

Google Hangouts are a great way to get your blogs name out there! People love joining Google Hangouts and this really gives you a chance to connect with new and old readers. The key to having a successful Google Hangout is promoting at least one week in advance, having an interesting topic and having a few other people co-hosting. If you are new to Google Hangouts make sure to do a few practice sessions just to get the hang of it.
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Promote All Your Posts!

The great thing about Google+ is that everyone gets the opportunity to see your status updates. You don’t have to worry about any crazy algorithm, posting the link in the comments or anything like that! Simply post an update with a link to your latest blog posts and make sure to include any relevant hashtags. Promoting all of your blog posts will help you gain traffic but also helps you come up in search engines! Google is really helping bloggers gain a higher authority when it comes to search engine placement, so take advantage of it!"

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