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Colby Vorland

Colby Vorland's Public Library

about 4 hours ago

Lazy Scholar 1.3 for Chrome: Search Paper History & New Paper Recommendations

about 16 hours ago

Oh nooo: "Diet quality and the attractiveness of male body odor"

about 16 hours ago

Soluble corn fiber increases bone calcium retention in postmenopausal women in a dose-dependent manner [crossover]

about 20 hours ago

@keithlovesfood @Nutrevolve I did a study

Aug 22, 16

RT @LazyScholarExt: Lazy Scholar 1.3 for Chrome: Search Paper History & New Paper Recommendations

Aug 21, 16

Meeting 1: Review of the Process to Update the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Sept. 1, 10am EST

Aug 19, 16

RT @vaughanbell: Paracetamol: widely used and largely ineffective via @AllenFrancesMD

Aug 19, 16

We're launching a new science podcast at @FiveThirtyEight! Sparks is a book club/debate salon:

Aug 17, 16

Groan. #rdchat
Hopefully will be easily met by a critical lecture on CAM

Aug 16, 16

"Integrative and functional nutrition" will be required in the dietetics curriculum. :(

Aug 16, 16

RT @eurogene: Folic Acid Supplementation and the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases: A Meta‐Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials https://t…

Aug 15, 16

Radiocarbon dating reveals minimal collagen turnover in both healthy and osteoarthritic human cartilage

Aug 14, 16

This summer, get a great deal on your favorite Chevy! Including the all-new Malibu, the car you never expected.

Aug 12, 16

RT @stevemagness: Quite timely article- Long-Distance Running’s Loss of Innocence

Aug 12, 16

@nutsci @erik_arnesen @Nutrevolve Should the question be if any information wrong? Any views on Lorgeril (2015) ?
– Jan Vyjidak (janvyjidak)

Aug 11, 16

Again, I have no proof that speaking with Jay Gordon will cause your skin to melt from your body. But I hesitate...

Aug 10, 16

RT @LazyScholarExt: Lazy Scholar for Chrome updated to version 1.2. See what's new

Aug 10, 16

Oh my Darwin stop driving dietetics into the dirt h/t @RDamber #scopeofpractice

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