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  • "Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience." - Victoria Holt

  • Q. How do you achieve a work-life balance? How do you keep your professional life from dominating everything?


     A. People get out of balance when they see their value as being able to respond quickly. If I see myself as a machine for answering email, then my work life would never stop because my email never stops. If instead I see my value as separating the important from the unimportant and making good decisions on the important, then I can go home at a reasonable hour, spend time with my family, ignore my email and phone messages all weekend long, and make sure that when I return to work, I am in the right mood to make the good decisions.

  • Q. Time management … technical leaders and executives are famous for being time-strapped. What strategies do you use to stay sane and use your time effectively?


     A. Do the things that matter, stop doing the things that don't, and continuously examine your use of time so that you can tell the difference. Don't waste time on something just because that's the way it has been done.

  • Q. What suggestions do you have for others on being successful in software (either R&D or business)?


     A. One thing I think is very important in life: Make sure you play in the big leagues. There's only so much you can learn or accomplish by yourself. For many attributes, you will be about the average of your peers, so make sure you have great peers. When I was in grad school, I played on a club Frisbee team that was competitive at the national level. Just for fun, I also played in a much less competitive intramural league. I tried to recruit the best athletes from that league to join my club team, but I ended up recruiting a player who was not the tallest, fastest, or strongest athlete. But he watched, learned, strived hard to improve, and, by virtue of playing with great teammates and great opponents, became a world-class player, leaving his old peers behind. I've always remembered that, and at every opportunity I tried to work with people who were better than me, from whom I would be able to learn and raise my game.


     On the other hand, at some point it is useful for you to be the best person on a team, the one others look to get things done. You improve basic skills by watching others who are more experienced, but you improve decision making by being the go-to person, by feeling the burden of responsibility and living up to it.

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  • His wife, Brenda, complains, “It seems like he can no longer be fully in the moment.”
  • These play to a primitive impulse to respond to immediate opportunities and threats. The stimulation provokes excitement — a dopamine squirt — that researchers say can be addictive. In its absence, people feel bored.
  • A study at the University of California, Irvine, found that people interrupted by e-mail reported significantly increased stress compared with those left to focus. Stress hormones have been shown to reduce short-term memory, said Gary Small, a psychiatrist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • The ten commercial pastas, cooked by Galileo’s executive chef, Amy Brandwein, were lightly sauced with a briefly cooked tomato sauce. Each plate was identified only by a number, and pastas were tasted at random so judges seated next to each other would not be influenced by one another. After the ten platters of spaghetti had been winnowed to five, freshly cooked platters were presented so the judges could make their final decisions from properly hot plates of pasta.

    The result was amazing for the unanimity of opinion: Montebello spaghetti, an organic pasta made in the Marche region of Italy, overwhelmed the competition with six first-place and two second-place votes. Available at Whole Foods Markets for $2.99 for a one-pound package, its flour is produced from locally grown wheat rather than wheat imported from the United States or Argentina, as most pastas made in Italy are. It has a rough texture created by extruding the spaghetti through hand-crafted bronze dies.

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