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Jul 02, 15

"From the earliest days as a marketing slogan, the elusive concept of the so-called paperless office may finally be taking shape, if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by. A growing number of small businesses and startups, unencumbered by legacy processes, are quietly ditching printouts for an all-digital ecosystem, buoyed by soaring BYOD ownership and growing familiarity with a plethora of cloud services.

IT Resume Makeover: How to add flavor to a bland resume
Don't count on your 'plain vanilla' resume to get you noticed - your resume needs a personal flavor to
Perhaps not-so-surprisingly, the driving factors are collaboration and productivity, as opposed to any ecological or “green” concerns. With this in mind, we take a look at the advantages of going digital, and outline how workers can embrace this new digital-first paradigm to collaborate more, do things faster and work more efficiently than ever."

  • Why go digital?

    One advantage for businesses to ditch paper– and perhaps the single most important factor – is convenience. Digital data is both highly searchable, and is also easily transferrable. What’s more, the mature state of cloud services today means that you can expect the information you store online to be available across whatever devices you may own -- be it a smartphone, tablet, PC laptop, Mac computer – or even a Web browser at a cybercafé or hotel lobby when on a vacation.

    Digital documents are also clearly suited to data backup. Despite the calibration required to get things set up in a way that works for you, it’s infinitely easier to make a copy of digital data versus photocopying stacks of printed invoices or bills. And a growing list of cloud storage services (Dropbox and SugarSync, to name two) have taken document storage a step further by saving multiple versions of a doc so you can revert to earlier versions of a document if necessary.

  • 1. Choose a digital notebook system

    One of the starting points for digitizing your business docs is to decide on a platform for filing away notes, ideas and documents. Not only does it serve a critical role as a virtually unlimited digital repository for filing important details, charts, audio clips or screen grabs, a good digital system will make it easy to organize and find the information when you need it.

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Jul 01, 15

"Microsoft quietly updated its Office 2016 Preview apps for early adopters over the past two weeks with a slew of new features the company announced in a round-up Wednesday.

The new features let people who have installed the public beta of Microsoft’s forthcoming productivity suite update try out real-time collaboration capabilities that will be rolling out more broadly later this year, along with other changes that make it easier to find particular functions and gather contextual information about what they’re working on.

IT Resume Makeover: How to add flavor to a bland resume
Don't count on your 'plain vanilla' resume to get you noticed - your resume needs a personal flavor to
Word 2016 now has support for Live Typing, which allows desktop users to see the edits their colleagues are making to a shared document in real time. It builds on a feature unveiled last month that let users see where colleagues were working within a document, but didn’t immediately show the words they added. Similar features should be coming to other Office apps with future updates, so that people can work in real time on Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft already offers a real-time, co-authoring feature inside Office Online, but this update brings those capabilities onto the desktop for the first time within Microsoft’s productivity suite. It will be possible for people to collaborate in real time across Office Online and Office on the desktop when Office 2016 launches later this year, but until then, users will have to choose between collaborating inside a Web app or inside a desktop app. That feature set puts Office in closer competition with Google’s productivity suite, which has grown in popularity and features robust support for real-time collaboration.


  • Office 2016 won’t release with Windows 10 next month, but Microsoft has said that the next version of its productivity suite will be available later this year to go along with the newly released operating system. Until then, anyone who wants to try out the future of Office can install the public beta version of the app, which is available as a free trial or through Office 365.
Jun 25, 15

"On Sunday, investor Marc Andreessen launched into another one of his famous tweetstorms.

This time, Andreessen was inspired by Jessica Lessin's article in The Information, “Silicon Valley’s Frontman Problem.” In it, Lessin questioned whether Silicon Valley was accurately being represented by its figureheads who are most often cited — including Andreessen, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk.

In response to Lessin's article, Andreessen tweeted out Twitter handles that belong to 55 people — “only a highly abridged selection," he mentioned — who "aren't widely famous (yet) but who routinely say interesting and provocative things," Andreessen noted.

We've compiled a slideshow of the 55 people Andreessen included in his tweetstorm. They're investors, company CEOs and founders, doctoral candidates, pundits, and writers. There's even one high school senior on the list."

  • nspiration Gallery


    A collection of photos using products from Butterfield Color.

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Jun 25, 15

"Web mail, calendaring, task management, conferencing, and file sharing have become essential parts of our lives and work. They live on the web, but increasingly on mobile devices. At stake is our data and who owns it, and at the enterprise level it’s a game of lock-in and standardisation that can make users feel like peasants of Westeros in giant games played by titans of the tech industry. is a platform created with the goal of enabling applications that would feel native to any platform and on any device. Ten years ago the Berne, Switzerland-based project used the most advanced technologies and was ultra-modern, dynamic, and beautiful. Reviewers and users were delighted and Roundcube quickly became the default choice for many governments, universities, companies and individuals.

The results to date?

cPanel reports that Roundcube is dominant with 62 percent of all users in its systems. The technology is installed on approximately half a million websites globally, and it’s used daily by hundreds of millions of users. Roundcube is integrated into major commercial offerings such as the Kolab Enterprise Collaboration suite, and offers a full Exchange replacement for organizations and corporations all the way up to the Fortune 50.

Simply put, Roundcube is the unsung work horse of web mail.

But a decade is an eternity in technology. When Roundcube started, mobile devices were large, clunky affairs used by the few. Today they are the most commonly used communication device. Roundcube Next is today’s answer to that radical change. Instead of once more embarking alone on that ten year journey, Roundcube Next is about building a strong, healthy and diverse Open Source community to achieve that task within 12 to 18 months."

Jun 23, 15

"TPP will allow evil corporations like Monsanto to rule over national governments

One major aim of TPP is to punish countries that attempt to mandate the labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) or ban them outright. Key provisions in the international decree would allow corporations like Monsanto to actually sue governments for trying to protect their people against GMOs, all in the name of fostering "free trade."

Farmers would also be prohibited from saving seeds under the plan as countries are forcibly grafted into a regulatory paradigm governed by patent monopolies. Although not every country attending the TPP meetings is on board with this agenda, the stated goal is to force all negotiating parties to make patents on plants available as well as to protect plant varieties under the 1991 Protection of New Varieties of Plants Act (UPOV 1991).

  • TPP will allow evil corporations like Monsanto to rule over national governments

    One major aim of TPP is to punish countries that attempt to mandate the labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) or ban them outright. Key provisions in the international decree would allow corporations like Monsanto to actually sue governments for trying to protect their people against GMOs, all in the name of fostering "free trade."

    Farmers would also be prohibited from saving seeds under the plan as countries are forcibly grafted into a regulatory paradigm governed by patent monopolies. Although not every country attending the TPP meetings is on board with this agenda, the stated goal is to force all negotiating parties to make patents on plants available as well as to protect plant varieties under the 1991 Protection of New Varieties of Plants Act (UPOV 1991).
  • "The TPP will eliminate all nation states as the ruling authority and it will be supplanted by corporate authority," adds Hodges. "This will be made possible because of an obscure provision of the TPP known as the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)."

    "ISDS allows corporations to sue governments, for any government action (at any level, including local government level) which hinders a corporation's future profits. Literally, Monsanto could provably be poisoning the entire population of a nation and the nation could do nothing which might result in the loss of profits to Monsanto."
  • The existing patent monopoly provisions of UPOV 1991 combined with TPP's even stricter one will create an agricultural nightmare for farmers who wish to grow clean, patent-free foods as well as save the seeds of their crops year after year. This will hit poorer farmers particularly hard. The new-found power of multinational corporations under TPP to dictate the agricultural destinies of signatory countries represents yet another plank in the establishment of corporations eventually holding absolute control over food.

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Jun 23, 15

"Several top kingpins behind the global financial collapse of 2008 have reportedly agreed to plead guilty for their sinister crimes, but under one major condition: that they won't actually be held legally culpable. Five of the world's largest banks -- Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays PLC, the Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS -- have all confessed to deliberately manipulating the global foreign exchange markets for illicit gain, but all of them are getting off the hook with petty fines rather than jail time and tangible operations penalties.

The collective sum of these fines clocks in at around $9 billion, a sizable amount in the eyes of the average person. But for the international banking cartel, this is just a drop in the bucket -- a proverbial slap on the wrist when a heavy "whoopin'" would have been a far more appropriate penalty. These are the same corrupt banks, of course, that ripped off the public for trillions of dollars by rigging the financial markets and peddling bad loans and fake foreclosure papers.

Nevertheless, not a single guilty bank is really being penalized in any substantial way that will actually affect business as usual. According to Fox Business, the $9 billion worth of settlements reached between these banks and the U.S. Justice Department represents a mere fraction of the trillions of dollars that they stole from average folks like you and I who, if we did anything even remotely close to what these banks did, would probably face life in prison."

  • "The effect of the guilty pleas will be essentially zero, beyond the immediate costs of the fines levied on the institutions," wrote Andre Damon for "As the Times put it, 'life will go on, probably without much of a hiccup.'"
  • Besides the fact that none of the banking executives involved in the racket face any criminal penalties, the banking entities themselves made sure to establish special "deferred-prosecution agreements" with the federal government allowing them to continue operating as they normally would. In other words, the actual impact of these fines, which are petty to large banks like JPMorgan Chase, is next to nil.
  • "In exchange for pleading guilty and paying these hefty fines, the banks demanded that regulators not ban them from certain business practices," said Andrew Stoltmann, a Chicago securities attorney, about the corruption behind these "penalties."

    "These accommodations render the plea deals effectively useless. The pain of an indictment comes from banks not being able to, as a felon, engage in certain lucrative business practices. By getting the SEC and Labor department to OK the continuation of these business practices, the pleas are not very meaningful."

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Jun 18, 15

"TECH More: Twitter Nuzzel
We talked to the CEO who some people think owns the one thing Twitter needs most


JUN. 18, 2015, 12:11 PM 973 1
Nuzzel / Jonathan Abrams
Jonathan Abrams, founder and CEO of Nuzzel.

A few days ago, the Silicon Valley investor Chris Sacca was talking on Periscope about Nuzzel, the newsgathering app. He said Twitter should just go ahead and buy Nuzzel outright. It would fix a lot of problems for Twitter.

That's because Nuzzel does the one thing that Twitter doesn't do: organise content in tweets based on their importance. Looking at your Twitter account is often a random experience, a stream of consciousness of what your friends have on their minds right now, interesting or not.

"Random" is not the same as "useful." 

So Nuzzel takes that feed (and feeds from Facebook and other social media) and only shows you the news stories your friends are sharing. The result is amazingly interesting, and requires zero effort: You get a feed of headlines that feel much closer and more relevant to what you're interested in, because they're being tweeted or shared by friends, family, and coworkers. Nuzzel's friends-of-friends feed is often even more interesting because it surfaces stuff from further afield, stuff you didn't even know was news but is buzzing on the outer edge of your social sphere

Sacca — who is one of Twitter's largest investors, and who recently wrote a manifesto about how to fix Twitter — sees it this way: "Nuzzel makes Twitter better."

He is not alone in that opinion. Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote, "Before I ever open Twitter, I open Nuzzel, a Twitter client app that digests my Twitter feed for me, showing me the most popular links in my network in the past 24 hours. Nuzzel can be tuned in a number of ways, but this default behaviour more than suffices. By putting an algorithm between me and the firehose of Twitter, Nuzzel makes Twitter usable for a mere mortal."

I use it too.

So I decided to interview Jonathan Abrams face to face (via video) to find out what it's like being the CEO of the company everyone thinks can fix everything that's wrong with Twitter."

Jun 17, 15

"The following tips were written by a police officer, according to Tickld:

Everyone should take 5 minutes to read this. It may save your life or a loved one’s life. In daylight hours, refresh yourself of these things to do in an emergency situation… This is for you, and for you to share with your wife, your children and everyone you know.

After reading these 9 crucial tips, forward them to someone you care about. It never hurts to be careful in this crazy world we live in.

1. The elbow is the strongest point on your body.

If you are close enough to use it, do!"

  • 2. If a robber asks for your wallet and/or purse, DO NOT HAND IT TO HIM.


    Toss it away from you….

  • Chances are that he is more interested in your wallet and/or purse than you, and he will go for the wallet/purse. RUN LIKE MAD IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!
  • 3. If you are ever thrown into the trunk of a car…

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  • 5. Cultivate influencers in your industry or niche. “Reach out to people who influence your target audience,” says Chandra. “Well before you launch, get to know how your audience hears about new products and services. Is it through high profile bloggers or analysts or maybe an influential person in their community? Reach out to those people in advance, get their feedback on what you are doing and invite them to get early or exclusive access to your product,” she says. Then, “when you launch, enlist these people (either for free or as a paid service) to spread the word about your product.”

    To find key influencers, “you can use Pitchbox, which defines influencers according to your keywords,” says Dmitry Davydov, CMO, Bitrix24, a social collaboration and communications platform. Or you can search Twitter and LinkedIn, “[which] is great for getting in touch with the influencers.” And remember, even if you don’t have a large influencer list, “one successful contact can introduce your product or service to thousands of people,” he says.

  • 6. Ask people to spread the word – and give them free product or pay them to talk about it, if necessary. “Just because you have the next big idea, this doesn't mean people will find it and use it,” says Tuchscherer. “One free Facebook post is not going to bring in new clients. You need to spend money and time on the product for it to grow,” he says. And one proven way to generate buzz is to “reach out to blogs and websites in your industry, letting them know about your new app or website. Not everyone will pick it up, but some will.”

    Brandon Olson, content marketing manager at AWeber, which provides email marketing software, agrees. “User-generated content is powerful,” he says. And “one way to get people generating buzz about your new product or service is to simply get it in their hands. Send samples or trials to a handful of influential people, and ask them to share their feedback with you and their social networks,” he says. Then “encourage them to post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with their honest feedback of your product or service. If it's a product, invite them to even snap a photo of themselves using it.”

    And don’t be afraid to ask family members, friends and colleagues to spread the word. The more people who know and care about your new product or service, the better.

  • 7. Notify top customers and followers in advance of your release. “Build a list of individuals who you know absolutely adore your company [or products],” says Dan Fuoco, interactive marketing manager, Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau. Then, when “the product or service is ready [to] launch, send an email to this group first, letting them know and asking them to share the new product or service or their social networks.” And allow them to pre-order the product.

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Jun 17, 15

"So you are about to launch a new product or service, or are thinking about it. Congratulations. Unfortunately, having the best idea (or product or service) in the world may not get you buzz, or sales, if the right people don’t know about it. Here are nine steps you can take to increase the odds of your rollout being successful.

1. Make sure the product or service works – before you start selling it. Whether your product or service is digital in nature, or you plan on selling it online, first “make sure the app or website is bug-free,” says Mark Tuchscherer, cofounder & president, Geeks Chicago, a Web development company. “We see products launch all the time that companies didn't test thoroughly, and this is the best way to lose potential customers,” he explains. “People have short attention spans and want stuff to work fast. If your application crashes in the first few seconds, you are going to lose a lot of new users.”

State of the CIO 2015
More than 500 top IT leaders responded to our online survey to help us gauge the state of the
The same applies to nonsoftware or Web-based products. Before you release it, make sure your new product works – or won’t easily break or malfunction shortly after the customer has acquired it.

2. But don’t worry if your product isn’t absolutely perfect at the get-go. “Don’t wait until everything is perfect to launch,” says Chad Halvorson, founder & CEO, When I Work, which provides employee scheduling software. “At the end of the day, you’re going to be able to make improvements to your product once you get it into the hands of customers and people in your ideal audience.”

Just make sure the product or service works. After the initial launch, you can “use tools like Intercom and Qualaroo to get real-time feedback from customers [and] use that feedback to improve your product on an ongoing basis,” Halvorson says.

3. Create a dedicated landing page with an email opt-in. “When launching a new product, [especially] using crowdfunding tools like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, it's critical to build a critical mass of followers before the campaign goes live,” says Len Kendall, head of Social at Havas Worldwide Chicago and maker of Devil's Advocate, a soon-to-be-released card game. “That way, when the [product or service or] crowdfund [campaign] goes live, there's a group of people you can quickly tap to support you.”

Just make sure to “develop useful content [for that landing page] that will attract your target audience to sign up for your mailing list or follow you on social media,” advises Amrita Chandra, head of Marketing, Normative, a software design firm. That way, “when you are ready to launch, you already have an audience of people that are interested in what you have to say,” she says."

  • 4. Build and/or join a community. “Tap into the power of community early on,” says Gregg Pollack, founder & CEO, Code School. “In other words, find a community of like-minded people who would use your product or service and engage that community either via social media or in person,” he says. “This is especially valuable in the tech world. There are a multitude of meet-ups for all kinds of tech, so engaging these communities in person is very doable [and advisable].”
Jun 17, 15

LOEN-25102 (f) filing
"The Department of Business Oversight (DBO) Self-Service Portal offers convenient online services to consumers and companies and individuals seeking to obtain a license from DBO.  

By logging into the DBO Self Service Portal, you are indicating your agreement to comply with and be bound by the Terms & Conditions of Use of this web site. Please select the link at the bottom of the page to view these provisions.

Licensees, Applicants, Notice Filers

Search Securities and Franchise Filings

Licensee Designated Email Updates

If you are a current DBO licensee, new applicant, or notice filer, please register an account or sign in with your username. 

By registering an account on the Self-Service Portal, you will be able to apply for a license, pay license fees, submit an application, file a notice, and view status updates online.

Register Now"

Jun 17, 15

"Founders must pay special attention when their startup issues securities–even when those securities are issued to themselves at incorporation. Whether or not founders realize it, they are issued their founders stock via an exemption from registration at both the federal and state level.
The federal exemption most likely available for founders is Section 4(2) of the Securities Act of 1933, while the state exemption is determined by the particular state’s law.
In California, founders typically use the registration exemption found in Section 25102(f) of California’s Corporations Code (see the next section for the full text). Section 25102(f) grants the issuer (the startup) an exemption from securities qualification for certain limited securities offerings.
As part of the exemption, founders in California must file a 25102(f) notice, also called a “Limited Offering Exemption Notice.”
California Corporations Code section 25102(f)
California Corporations Code section 25102(f) exempts from the provisions of section 25110:
“Any offer or sale of any security in a transaction (other than an offer or sale to a pension or profit-sharing trust of the issuer) that meets each of the following criteria:"

Jun 15, 15

"Cloud-based platforms such as Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are far from ubiquitous in today's workplace, but they're seeing rapid adoption, and that trend is going to continue. In fact, more than half of the small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) queried as part of a new survey from BetterCloud plan to run all of their IT services in the cloud within five years.

State of the CIO 2015
More than 500 top IT leaders responded to our online survey to help us gauge the state of the
The corporate adoption rate of complete IT-in-the-cloud infrastructure will more than double during the next two years, according to the 1,500 IT professionals surveyed. Today only 12 percent of the respondents run all of their IT in the cloud, but that number will increase to 26 percent by 2017 and nearly 70 percent by 2025, according to BetterCloud, which sells IT administrative tools for both Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365."

  • Large enterprises are slower to fully embrace the cloud, and they're about five years behind their small business counterparts. It will be a full decade before half of the respondents from large enterprises run 100 percent of their IT in the cloud, according to the report. 
  • Google customers plan to fully embrace the cloud quicker than Microsoft's users;
  • 66 percent of Google for Work customers who took the survey plan to run all of their IT in the cloud by 2020, compared to 49 percent of Office 365 customers.

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Jun 13, 15

The construction materials we use to build your pool table is of the highest quality, we do not use CDX Plywood or Particle Board type materials because it can weaken the tables ultimate foundation. All pool tables built here, are built of the best materials possible. Such as, MDF from Weyerhauser, Solid Red Oak from Lane-Stanton&Vance, #1 Red Oak Plain Slice 13 layer Veneer from Global Wood Co. and Solid Red oak Rail Caps, Aprons{Blinds} and Red Oak Crown moulding from Meyers Moulding Co. Last but not least, OSB{Oriented Strand Board}, one of the finest construction materials to date. We use this in our sub-frame, leg supports, shadow boxes, and cross members. So as you can see we do not cut corners and give you the best possible pool table you will ever buy.

The pockets we use are provide to us by Hood Leather & Imperial International, these are genuine No.#6 Iron leather-drop pockets. The rail cushion rubber is the fastest K-66 profiled malaysian gum rubber we have ever had, therefore making your table fast, quiet and very responsive, you will love how it plays. The cloth we use is from Championship. It comes in 3 types, 21oz Titan - 21oz Invitational Teflon coated or 24oz Tour edition. A most excellent playing cloth. You will have 30 colors of Titan to choose from and 9 colors of Tour Edition to choose from also. When you purchase a table from us, you will automatically recieve Titan cloth with the table. All you have to do is choose your color.

So what do you think? Did I give you enough information to get you curious? or to even make that all important decision? I hope I have. Well anyway, go ahead and check out my site, and see what you think of it. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call @ 510 489-4932 or email us @ Have a great Day...David & Dennis.

Jun 13, 15

"Chat – Reach And Be Reached In Real-Time
Chat is half of what makes up a flow. It is where your daily conversations live. Discuss, clarify, notify teammates, share files – on the desktop and on the go."

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