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Feb 21, 16

what would the average of all of these investors’ portfolio allocations look like, weighted by size?  More specifically, what would the average investor allocation to stocks be?  And how would that average compare to the averages of the past? It turns out that this question predicts the market’s future long-term returns better than any other classic valuation metrics to date developed–price to earnings (P/E), price to book (P/B), price to sales (P/S), CAPE, q-ratio, Market Cap to GDP, Fed Model, etc.

Feb 17, 16

It has floated a proprietary $50-million (Rs 340 crore) Asia Fund to support Indian startups operating in the technology and niche consumer retail segments.

Feb 17, 16

Kris, as Gopalakrishnan is popularly called, added that there are very few examples, where one sees research being converted into startups. 

These examples are primarily in the area of biotech and advance manufacturing. 

Feb 17, 16

cornerstones of the MIT VMS model. These include a unique team-mentoring methodology (three or four mentors per session), selecting and retaining highly qualified volunteer mentors, strict ethical guidelines for assuring unbiased advice to entrepreneurs, long-term commitment to entrepreneurs and their ventures, and formal operational procedures.

Feb 12, 16

SankhyaSutra Labs is incubated at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore. We use path-breaking simulation methodology developed in the mesoscale simulation lab of Prof. Santosh Ansumali. Once you have your Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) formulated, our simulation will give you highly reliable results. And we do that without the need of tens of petaflops of computing power or the excruciating pain of scaling up to such monstrous machines.

Our flagship offering is Fluid Dynamics Simulation. We provide highly accurate results because we do not use any explicit turbulence models. The results of our simulations are therefore intrinsically reliable. Please write to us to know more about and to use this exciting offering.

Feb 03, 16

Specifically, for business and other liberal-arts majors, the prestige of the school has a major impact on future earnings expectations. But for fields like science, technology, engineering and math, it largely doesn’t matter whether students go to a prestigious, expensive school or a low-priced one—expected earnings turn out the same. So, families may be wasting money by chasing an expensive diploma in those fields.

Feb 03, 16

The Innovation at 50x presentation gives corporate rebels the roadmap, common language, and lean tools to develop a Lean innovation strategy, but Rebels@Work gives them the tools to be a positive force for leading change from within.
After I read it I bought 10 copies for Richard and his team.
Lessons Learned
In a startup we are by definition all born as rebels
While startups are not smaller versions of large companies, companies are very much not larger versions of startups
Canonical startup advice fails when applied in large companies
The Three Horizons offer a way to describe innovation strategy across a company/agency
Lean Innovation Management allows startup speed inside of companies
Horizon 1 managers run the company and are not rebels
Horizon 3 ideas might have to be couched in Horizon 1 and 2 language
Rebels@Work offers practical advice on how to move corporate innovation forward

Feb 03, 16

Lessons Learned
Most companies and agencies have their own John Houbolts. But most never get heard. Therefore, “Blank’s rules for an innovation task force”:
1/3 insiders who know the processes and politics
half of those who would provide top cover to non-standard solutions
1/3 outsiders who represent “brand-name wisdom”
They provide cover and historical context
1/6 crazy insiders – the rebels at work
They’ve been trying to be heard
Poll senior and mid-level managers and have them nominate their most innovative/creative rebels
(Be sure they read this before they come to the meeting.)
1/6 crazy outsiders
They’ve had new, unique insights in the last two years
They’re in sync with the crazy insiders and can provide the insiders with “cover”

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