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Steve Fulton

Steve Fulton's Public Library

Apr 21, 15

Ck. out this awesome Digital Make. #Innovat_Ed #unccwp #nwp

Apr 21, 15

Maker culture and the Common Core are mortal enemies - #makered

Apr 21, 15

Dude...this is freaking awesome. Perfect for 8th graders. heads up: around 5 minutes he dropps the f bomb. heads up...

The best leaders are in touch with their communities. - Tony Diaz #WriteFest15 #nwp #unccwp

Making Pop-up books with @steve8071 #WriteFest15 #nwp #unccwp

  • ublic corruption poses a fundamental threat to our national security and way of life

  • Natural chemicals are found everywhere in the environment. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals that are produced by industries are not found naturally in the environment or are only found in very small amounts.
  • secticides are chemicals that are sprayed onto crops to kill the insects that eat crops. One of the more controversial insecticides is DDT.
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