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florence meichel

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Mar 23, 15

chouette émission musicale - me rappelle expat aux pays-bas...lollll à l'époque on regardait taratata le vendredi :)
Echt mooi :)

Mar 13, 15

lollll nous sommes le 13 avril 2015 et je viens de relire qq tweets écrits pendant le eg8...assurément je ne dirais plus les choses de la même façon aujourd'hui mais leur tonalité donne une bonne idée de la prise de tête collective du moment....

Feb 06, 15

23. We would accordingly make a declaration that prior to the disclosures made and referred to in the Tribunal's Judgment of 5 December 2014, the regime governing the soliciting, receiving, storing and transmitting by UK authorities of private communications of individuals located in the UK, which have been obtained by US authorities pursuant to Prism and/or (on the Claimants' case) Upstream, contravened Articles 8 or 10 ECHR, but now complies.
This is, with some rewording, the declaration sought by Mr Ryder in his draft.

Privacy in their reply submissions, with which Amnesty agrees, accept that "that safeguard is now in place, but was not in place before December 2014". Liberty does not expressly so accept, but made no submissions to the contrary in their reply. In any event we agree, and the disclosure which resolves the lacuna is now made public in this judgment.

In our judgment the appropriate course is to alter the declaration we were otherwise minded to make as set out in paragraph 23 above in respect of the First Issue, so that the declaration we propose to make would recite that "prior to the disclosures made and referred to in the Tribunal's Judgment of 5 December 2014 and this judgment "the Prism and/or Upstream arrangements contravened Articles 8 or 10 ECHR, but now comply.

Feb 06, 15

"Mass surveillance of the internet by the monitoring agency GCHQ has not in the past been conducted within the law, the UK’s most secretive court has ruled."

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