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Toby Fischer

Toby Fischer's Public Library

@tobyfischer @jsstew07 @AndyJados @rmparrill check out the #fhhsanatomy from today's A&P lesson.

@rmparrill and @tobyfischer I hope you had a great #apweek! I enjoy working with you both every day!! #FalconStrong

A6. Go to DC to network & learn. Brag about my awesome school and admin team @AndyJados @rmparrill @tobyfischer Come home and share #apweek

@EdCampColumbus Gotcha, big thanks. @tobyfischer
28 Mar 14

“We think we have to be successful, then we’ll be happier. But our brains work in the opposite order."

Wishing @AshleeWaugaman was here with me enjoying the hot tub, too many choices of food/tv options

@tobyfischer Wish you could have been with us for @MakerSpaceLCS unveiling. @mrwheeler & @kenkozar belted it out if the park!

Good morning from FHHS NJROTC! #FalconStrong @AndyJados @FHHSFalcons @tobyfischer
06 Mar 14

50 Top Sources Of Free eLearning Courses #elearning #edchat

@edjurist Also @OlentangySD super is great to work with. Good ideas w/ @tobyfischer in @SWCSD, @NLHSprincipal in New Lexington CS

That was a great way to spend 50 minutes! @krittenhouse @tobyfischer @mrwheeler @shirky17

I just followed these fine peeps and you should too. @PelfreyBobbie @TinaWartman @tobyfischer @5urwisdom @BrandyFeagan @lastewart
03 Mar 14

More with Less: Reflection of #edcampcbus @tobyfischer @Dwight_Carter @mrwheeler #edchat #blogamonth

@mr_rcollins @tobyfischer & all- sad I missed #edcampcbus today! Looking for good discussions with@schinker &@ScottKinkoph Monday!

My mind was blown today! Can't stop thinking. Thanks @tobyfischer and @EdCampColumbus #edcampcbus

#edcampcbus Drive by Daniel Pink has been mentioned in 3 sessions today...I think it should be my next read! :-)

@tobyfischer @NLHSprincipal intentional failure on the Ts part can lead to a huge Learning moment for the Ss. #faildaily
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