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Aug 26, 15

What's Your Growth Mindset? | graphite Blog @lggarber @AndyJados @tobyfischer @tfedak40 @GoldenFalconTD @mjfhhs

Aug 25, 15

growth mindset tool kit @klinkereads @tobyfischer

Aug 24, 15

7 Good Options for Building Digital Portfolios - A PDF Handout.
7 Good Options for Creating Digital Portfolios.

Aug 24, 15

This could keep me busy for a while: 50+ Google Tools Tutorial Videos #edtech

My #FF are my Heroes Reborn!
Aug 21, 15

Great to work with staff designing 21st century classrooms that develop #growthmindset @fhhserc @tobyfischer @SWCSD

A7: Not sure I learned it this week but know I am always reminding myself of this. #ohedchat

@drneilgupta @RAMPrincipal Hey Neil. Dropping by to say hi. Appreciated the invite. #Ohedchat

#ohedchat A2: Truly going out of ur way to intentionally connect w/Ss adds weeks of learning during the yr.

A4-if we ask the question we must be willing to answer it about ourselves too--to really connect #ohedchat

Couldn't resist #ohedchat Catch up later. #readingtime

A1: also be human. Ss need to know we aren't perfect either. #ohedchat

A2: this build a stronger sense of community within your school organization #ohedchat

#ohedchat Have a great year! You control your attitude each day you walk in the building. Our Ss are counting on you to believe in them!

Hoping to get 3 yr old duties done n time tonight 4 #ohedchat Love the topic! I've got gr8 friends & mentors in OH!

My daily words of wisdom tweets start up tomorrow as we begin the 2015-2016 school year! #BeGreat
Aug 18, 15

135 Practical Ed Tech Tips via Free Technology for Teachers - Late last winter I started to ...

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