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Toby Fischer

Toby Fischer's Public Library

Nov 20, 15

Excited to be a part of this! #anadventure @GoldenFalconTD @mrchamby @FHHSRoberts @klinkereads @tobyfischer @mjfhhs

Can't wait for play time at Robotic session. Want to try out @LEGO_Group Wedo...Looks like a good fit for @fhhserc @tobyfischer #aasl15

@tobyfischer we should try to go see a First Lego League team competition, so we can think about forming team next year @GoldenFalconTD

So many #aaslbestapps to share on Monday @tobyfischer @GoldenFalconTD @lggarber @BaloghFHHS @mjfhhs #aasl15

At #aasl15! Excited about partnership between librarians/administrators working for student success @klinkereads @fhhserc @tobyfischer
Nov 06, 15

Study Finds That Empathetic Teachers Enhance Student Motivation - Is Anyone Surprised?

@edtechgirl or play highlight music when students have a great ah-ha moments (ala a great @KingJames dunk)

A6: Ts are now doing more to teach innovation and expression thru the content. It is a process that we're all learning #ohedchat

A2: Do less. Allow students to do the work, the thinking, the questioning, the understanding. Reduces anxiety and leads to grit. #ohedchat

@JR_evans I love @IDEOorg mantra - fail early and often! That's how to fail forward! #ohedchat

Falcons in victory formation! Falcons win!!!!! 52-41

FHHS Student-athletes working together on this great Saturday morning. @mjfhhs @GoldenFalconTD @tobyfischer

Gr8 day: breakfast by admin @GoldenFalconTD @mjfhhs, #makeymakey magic w Physics Ss, & overheard Ss convo "I like our librarian" #flyhighfri

@tobyfischer I have 7 Ss doing independent study STEM class, now we are doing Arduinos
Oct 24, 15

Awesome @shirky17! @tobyfischer and I will share this with our Ss for inspiration. Thank you for sharing arduino fun

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