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24 Apr 14

Tired of explaining your startup and failing? How to fix that
– GeekWire (geekwire)

23 Apr 14

8 Things Truly Outstanding Leaders Do Without Thinking

22 Apr 14

The single biggest reason most entrepreneurs fail in 2014

21 Apr 14

How to Prevent Hubris From Destroying Your Company

21 Apr 14

9 Things People Just Don't Get About Entrepreneurs

18 Apr 14

Dropbox buys Hackpad for collaborative document editing This could stop the bleeding to Google Drive.

17 Apr 14

My initial review of the Acer C720P It's a big improvement over my first Chromebook and is a viable day-to-day device

16 Apr 14

Thanks for posting :) @rubyblackbelt: Ruby, the good parts.

15 Apr 14

My (new) Twitter value is $341.84, according to ... What about yours?

07 Apr 14

An independent developer is bringing a Plex client to Xbox One this is going to be the reason why I buy an Xbox One

01 Apr 14

Check out our newest wearable personal assistant #dragonfordogs
– DragonMobileApps (DragonMobileApp)

01 Apr 14

I recently wrote some of my thoughts on the #ChromeOS and #Chromebooks It's an 80% device for a relatively low price.

28 Mar 14

You Need To Really Know Every Person To Make A Virtual Team Work
– Chris Brooker (Cbrooker)
You Need To Really Know Every Person To Make A Virtual Team Work
– Chris Brooker (Cbrooker)

18 Mar 14

#Microsoft makes #WindowsPhone free for some phone makers Will developers follow suit and does it matter?

18 Mar 14

I am getting an extended free trial of @nextissuecanada, 100's of the best magazines coming my way! #NextIssuePerk

15 Mar 14

This is a brilliant design. It removes clutter while still remaining extremely functional

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