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  • Uno dei vantaggi più grandi e che caratterizano questo framework è la possibilità di integrare e utilizzare molte funzioni utilizzando quasi esclusivamente l’HTML
14 Apr 14

Documentazione supporto ufficiale Adobe Dreamweaver CC in inglese. Indispensabile per Certification ACE

  • With this method of calculation, in a CSS file there is no strict definition for what an ‘em’ is; it all depends on what else is going on in your stylesheet. So theoretically, if you’ve declared a whole slew of length values using ems on various elements on your page, changing a single font size has the potential to throw your whole layout off.
  • Having worked in the web design and development field for about 12 years now, it’s taken me a while to break free from fixed-width, pixel-based designs. Although I’ve started doing responsive layouts, I’m still hooked on pixel units.
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