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about 2 hours ago

sozialphobie: angst vorm telefonieren:

about 2 hours ago

Space: @AstroSamantha reads from 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' while on @space_station

about 2 hours ago

18th-century tinted spectacles. For more on their history:

about 2 hours ago

sehr geil. time lapse von millionen öffentlichen fotos macht langsame veränderungen deutlich:

about 2 hours ago

"Student questions are the seeds of real learning." Why curiosity is essential to education:

about 2 hours ago

@GermanyDiplo see same campaign in Copenhagen(2007/08),led to 10.000 fewer people on bikes and 5%less bike sale

about 2 hours ago

#RapeCultureIsWhen the Duggars focus on Josh’s “mistakes” and not their victimized daughters

about 2 hours ago

ohhh yeah! happy towelday!

about 2 hours ago

#US-Stützpunkt #Ramstein - Angehörige von #Drohnenopfern verklagen #Deutschland via @welt @ECCHRBerlin @Reprieve

about 2 hours ago

#RapeCultureIsWhen college presidents shake the hands of graduating rapists & turn away from survivors

  • When former NBA star Tim Hardaway was asked about the recent coming out of another former player, John Amaechi, he replied: "I hate gay people... let it be known I don't like gay people. I'm homophobic."

    After losing an endorsement, being scratched from events, and basically getting his ass chewed out by gay and lesbian groups he admitted that he shouldn't have used the word "hate," that his remarks were "very bad."

    That has all the sincerity of a Mel Gibson apology.
about 10 hours ago

Looking Like That, She Was Asking For It. Right? Looking Like That, She Was Asking For It. Right? via @Iliza via Facebook It comes down to this: A man found the shape of a woman's body unacceptable so she was publicly humiliat…

  • I am writing this because I believe the subtext behind the events that followed sort of transcend the stage and really speak to a major problem in our society.

  • His attack was mean but, above all, unprovoked, which is what scared me.
  • I suppose that's how she felt comfortable standing up for herself. As comics we are taught to fight back with words -- she did, her words just weren't funny, something she was, sadly, faulted for. Should she have used it as a platform to show off her comic skills? Maybe. But her way of dealing with it certainly wasn't wrong.

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  • As for all of you defending Ari's freedom of speech and then denying Damienne's right to say that she is upset, double standards much? "It's just a joke" is never an excuse; again, it's typically used as an excuse for bullying.
about 13 hours ago

"Also die ganz verhaltensauffälligen Schüler, die können nicht in den Gemeinsamen Unterricht.... via Facebook Es ist richtig, dass der Unterricht mit Schülerinnen und Schülern, die Schwierigkeiten mit der Welt haben und die Welt mit ihnen, auch Prob…

about 13 hours ago

Gaby Becker på Twitter via Facebook “Cool: RT @drwilco: Classic flowchart, now in glorious 3D. (At the San Mateo Maker Faire)”

about 13 hours ago

The Pencilsword: On a plate via Facebook A short story about privilege. By Toby Morris.

  • "Autistic person" or "autistic" makes autism part of my identity. It is inseparable from who I am, it informs my viewpoint, and it would not be productive to discuss me as if there was a non-autistic version of me that might be unlocked somehow.
  • "Person with autism" pushes my experiences and thoughts that are distinctly autistic to the fringe. By putting "me" first instead of my "condition", it's supposed to convey the idea that I am a person of equal value to everyone else, that my autism isn't the most important thing about me, and that I shouldn't be viewed as a label.
  • Except it doesn't do that. Instead, it makes my experiences as an autistic adult a secondary add-on to my humanity. Rather than taking the emphasis off my condition, it makes it more conspicuous by creating a wordy, unwieldy construction in the language that is harder to say, requires more conscientious use to maintain consistently, and worst of all, makes autism a passive characteristic (both grammatically and as part of my life) rather than an active adjective. And my autism is active.

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  • Durch den Sony-Email-Leak wissen wir jetzt, wo das ganze Geld hinfliesst:


    In die Geldspeicher der Major Labels. Die ja ihrerseits, machen wir uns da nicht vor, keine Firmen sind, die vom Verkauf von Musik leben, sondern nur kleine Abteilungen multinationaler Medienkonzerne. Im Vertrag von Sony mit Spotify – der so auch für alle anderen Major Labels gilt, lesen wir, dass Spotify dem Label immer genauso viel bezahlen muss wie irgendeinem Konkurrenten (es gibt nur noch 3 Major Labels, aber das macht es nicht besser), dazu 25 Millionen USD Vorschuss. Dafür darf dann Spotify 15% der Umsätze für “Kosten” abziehen. Der Rest wird an die eigentlichen Urheber, die Komponisten und Musiker verteilt.

May 24, 15

#RapeCultureIsWhen Ignites On Twitter In Light Of Josh Duggar Sexual Assault Allegations via Facebook The #RapeCultureIsWhen hashtag has been around for a while, but it has received renewed attention in recent days in light of the widespread allegat…

  • But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m celebrating their rapid fall from public favor; If the only way to get the public to fall out of love with them was for allegations like this to be true, I would wish them to remain on the air indefinitely. My heart breaks for what his victims went through, and what they must be going through now that their past trauma has resurfaced in an incredibly public way. 
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