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  • función encomendada constitucional y legalmente a la Superintendencia Financiera  de Colombia de salvaguardar los recursos de los inversionistas y el  funcionamiento trasparente del sistema financiero y bursátil,
  • no se aplicaron las medidas preventivas del literal c) artículo 6 de la Ley 964  de 2005,
  • suficiente y contundente

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Nov 30, 13

Artículo de Krugman sobre el efecto de la reforma en los costos de salud en USA

  • Ahora estás chateando con Andrea Flórez

Sep 26, 13

Gráfico sobre crecimiento del PIB mundial

  • She wants central banks to stop targeting inflation and to focus instead on  total spending in the economy, or nominal GDP
Sep 08, 13

Interesante artículo sobre competencia entre productores de drogas genéricas cuando hay un tercer pagador

  • But the civilizing and improving influences of association, and the efficiency  and economy of production on a large scale, may be obtained without dividing the  producers into two parties with hostile interests and feelings, the many who do  the work being mere servants under the command of the one who supplies the  funds, and having no interest of their own in the enterprise except to earn  their wages with as little labour as possible.
  • and that the relation of masters and work-people will be gradually superseded by  partnership, in one of two forms: in some cases, association of the labourers  with the capitalist; in others, and perhaps finally in all,*43  association of labourers among themselves.
  • Until the passing of the Limited Liability Act, it was held that an arrangement  similar to M. Leclaire's would have been impossible in England, as the workmen  could not, in the previous state of the law, have been associated in the  profits, without being liable for losses.

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Jul 23, 13

"This is why J.M. Keynes advocating “
” the rentier.
As you know, “euthanasia” means “mercy killing”—you kill to reduce pain and
suffering. Keynes was serious about this—his recommendation came in the final
chapter of his great General Theory, as one of his two fundamental
policy proposals. (For completeness, the other was a “somewhat comprehensive
socialisation of investment”."

Jul 13, 13

Actualización del WEO en Julio de 2013. Bajan las proyecciones de crecimiento mundial

  • Global growth is now projected at 3.1 for 2013 and 3.8 percent for 2014, a  downward revision of ¼ percentage point each year compared with the forecasts in  the April 2013 WEO
  • Growth in the United States is forecast to rise to rise from 1¾ percent in 2013  to 2¾ percent in 2014,
  • Recent increases in advanced economy interest rates and asset price volatility  combined with weakness in emerging market domestic activity led to some capital  outflows, equity price declines, rising local yields, and currency depreciation  in the latter.

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Jun 11, 13

Artículo sobre las bondades del café para la salud. Resumen de varios artículos científicos

  • Fiscal policy was thus rightly the focus of discussion between the IMF and the  authorities throughout the period. While fiscal policy improved substantially  from previous decades, the initial gains were not sustained, and the  election-driven increase in public spending led to a sharp deterioration in  fiscal discipline in 1999. As a result, the stock of public debt steadily  increased, diminishing the ability of the authorities
  • The IMF's surveillance and program conditionality were handicapped by analytical  weaknesses and data limitations. The IMF's focus remained on annual fiscal  deficits, when off-budget operations, notably the court-ordered recognition of  old debt, were raising the stock of debt. Insufficient attention was paid to the  provincial finances, the sustainable level of public debt for a country with  Argentina's economic characteristics was overestimated, and debt sustainability  issues received limited attention
  • As it turned out, the lack of strong structural conditionality had the  unfortunate outcome of obliging the IMF to remain engaged with Argentina when  the evident lack of substantive progress in structural reform should have called  for an end to the program relationship

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