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  • Robb Stark is "comforted" by Jeyne Westerling after he is injured and in mourning for his supposedly dead brothers. He ends up marrying her to preserve her honor, which directly sets in motion the events leading to his death. On another occasion, taking place before the beginning of the series, Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish is wounded in a duel and allowed to recuperate in the home of his beloved's family. Said beloved's younger sister takes this opportunity to essentially rape him in his drug-infused state under the guise of tending to his wounds. Needless to say, there are some nasty repercussions later on, including the sister's descent into madness and an entire war brought about by Littlefinger's manipulations, ones that he could only accomplish thanks to the position of power she gave him in hopes of making him love her.

    • After Gwen's Shoot the Dog moment, Lawrence returns to human form and spends his last moments of life in Gwen's arms before he appropriately dies at the end
    • Diving Save: Lawrence saves a gypsy child by doing this right before the first werewolf attacks her.
    • Downer Ending: Lawrence dies, as does his entire family, and Aberline ends up infected with lycanthropy.
      • o his father when he learns he was the werewolf who bit him AND killed his mother and brother. Lawrence saying this to the assembled doctors is almost a subversion. Despite the delivery, Lawrence is trying to warn them that he's a dire threat, rather than making a promise of revenge.
      • Interrupted Cooldown Hug: Gwen gives Lawrence a Cooldown Hug in the end, but that angry mob just had to come by and ruin everything.
      • It's Personal: Lawrence in relation to his own father, who is revealed to have killed his wife and oldest son and bit Lawrence, thus spreading the curse to him.
      • It Works Better with Bullets: Lawrence sneaks back into his home and borrows the Loyal Servant's cache of silver shotgun bullets. He finally confronts his father and pulls the trigger... only to have his father smile and say "I removed the powder from those cartridges years ago."
    • Let Them Die Happy: Lawrence dies in the end, but he stays alive for a few moments to reassure and thank Gwen for "setting him free." However, he dies before learning that he has bitten Aberline and cursed him as well. He could also be happy from realizing that since he was still alive to that point meant he had succeeded in defeating his father, meaning neither of them will hurt anyone again. However, this only makes the ending more tragic when we find out what becomes of Aberline.

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  • 1  year term
  • Life  term
  • Elected  the 2 Consuls

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  • s
    ystem of checks and balances
  • 2 *consuls—chief magistrates  who convened and presided over the Senate and assemblies, initiated and  administered legislation, served as generals in military campaigns, and  represented Rome in foreign affairs. Consuls could appoint and/or serve as  *dictator for up to 6 months in times of  emergency when the constitution was suspended. When their term of office was  completed, consuls usually governed a province as *proconsul.
  • 10 tribunes—had to be plebeian,  because the office was established to protect the plebeians from arbitrary  actions of magistrates. Hence the primary power of tribunes was negative; they  could veto the act of any magistrate and stop any official act of  administration. They were by law sacrosanct, meaning that anyone who  attacked them physically could be immediately and summarily killed; they could  convene the Senate and assemblies and initiate legislation.

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