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  • 1  year term
  • Life  term
  • Senators 

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  • system of checks and balances
  • 2 *consuls—chief magistrates  who convened and presided over the Senate and assemblies, initiated and  administered legislation, served as generals in military campaigns, and  represented Rome in foreign affairs. Consuls could appoint and/or serve as  *dictator for up to 6 months in times of  emergency when the constitution was suspended. When their term of office was  completed, consuls usually governed a province as *proconsul.
  • 10 tribunes—had to be plebeian,  because the office was established to protect the plebeians from arbitrary  actions of magistrates. Hence the primary power of tribunes was negative; they  could veto the act of any magistrate and stop any official act of  administration. They were by law sacrosanct, meaning that anyone who  attacked them physically could be immediately and summarily killed; they could  convene the Senate and assemblies and initiate legislation.

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