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faimone Björn

faimone Björn's Public Library

  • Hi, I'm 3 months in Cape town and my girlfriend comes and visits me for 2 weeks (28.01 - 15.2) and we'd like to stay the first week in your appartment since it's central and looks gorgeous. Let me know if it's free to book. Best regards. Bjorn

    • "Drug paraphernalia," such as: 
      • Bongs and all related accessories
      • Vaporizers and all related accessories

  • the best way to get around the vape ban on ad platforms is to not place an actual ad for your service. Instead of paying for timeline or sidebar ads on Facebook, write an article and share it through your Facebook page. you can boost that post to increase impressions and you can target those who you wish to show your ad to by demographic and interests.


    Facebook allows stories, articles, and writeups about vaping as long as it's not directly advertising the sale of vape related products. So the trick is to "set the hook" with your compelling story, get the user to click a link using a "call to action" at the bottom of the story, which then leads them to a landing page where you continue your story or writeup. Make SURE that the landing page you take them to does not have any advertisements for vape products or services directly. You want the user to finish reading what you wrote, and then click through to your website where they can find out more about

  • E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. But due to many products’ visual likeness with cigarettes they've received a cautionary reception from the likes of public health experts and anti-smoking campaign groups.
  • On television and radio advertisers can’t depict products that resemble cigarettes, including any design, colour, imagery or logo style that might be associated in the audience's mind with a tobacco product.

  • t Stanford University, but left the program after two days to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations in the areas of the Internet, renewable energy and outer space.[31][38]
  • US$307 million in cash
  • PayPal's early growth was driven mainly by a viral marketing campaign where new customers were recruited when they received money through the service

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