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  • Mudslide death toll rises as bleak search continues

  • Ted S. Warren, AP

    Teresa Welter cries as she holds a candle March 25 at a vigil in Arlington, Wash., for the victims of a massive mudslide.

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  • Today's Google Doodle honored Dorothy Irene Height, commemorating what would have been the civil rights leader's 102nd birthday. She spent 80 years of her life helping African Americans with their struggles for equality. Here's what you should know about her.

  • 1. She Was the President of the National Council of Negro Women

    Dr. Dorothy Height, Dorothy Height google doodle

    Dorothy Height and Oprah Winfrey. (Getty)


    They also honored her on what would be her 102nd birthday.

  • By Simon Hill | March 19th, 2014 14:00 PM
  • Every new operating system has its issues and Apple’s iOS 7 is certainly no exception. We’ve seen a multitude of bug reports rolling in and, while many people have updated successfully, there’s no shortage of people encountering glitches or even major problems.
  • We discussed how to prepare for and download iOS 7, and we’ve suggested some helpful iOS 7 tips and tricks, now it’s time to review some common iOS 7.1 (and iOS 7.0) problems and, where possible, identify solutions.

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    3027008-inline-56tvoukSpeed reading must be a sport, and if it is not, Spritz will certainly make it so. The company is developing the tools to help readers read faster, by eliminating the reader’s need to move their own eyes. In fact, Spritz recommends relaxing a bit more… in order to allow the app to lull you into faster reading.


    According to Spritz, the software application helps users by changing word positioning – all words are now center aligned onto the reading space. Visually, this helps the eyes by eliminating the need to follow a sentence, or a paragraph, or perfectly manicured spacing. Sorry, poets. 



07 Mar 14

@EZSteven: ⚠️⚡️
"Mobile Ads Displace Porn as Best Source for Mobile Malware - AppNewser"

  • fake avMalware is following us from our computer to our phones – so much so it’s now easier to obtain malicious malware from any mobile ads, even if you’re not using your phone to watch porn.


  • Mobile satellite company, Iridium, has a new product on the market that could signal the demise of cell towers as we know it. Iridium Go! is a personal mobile hotspot that draws signal from satellite WiFi to bring you the internet wherever you go – globally. It’s like having a personal cell tower.
     With Google internet balloons, Facebook internet drones, and Iridum Go! – we think mobile dead zones will certainly be a thing of the past. Of course, that means the pricing should be reduced from its current $875 price tag.
06 Mar 14

❗️✅ Note: There is also a "SiteAdvisor Bookmarklet" that works in any browser on any device.
- I use it on my smart phone.

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      McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search 




    McAfee SiteAdvisor software is a free browser plug-in that provides simple Web site safety ratings and a Secure Search box so you can surf, search and shop more safely.

    • Steven Hotelling
      Steven Hotelling on 2014-03-01

      ❗️✅  Note: There is also a "SiteAdvisor Bookmarklet" that works in any browser on any device.

      - I use it on my smartphone.

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05 Mar 14

"TinEye is a reverse image-search engine built by Idée. Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web."

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      favicon  TinEye Images

  • Excerpt


    Plugins, widgets & badges Find out more about fun embeddable plug-ins, widgets and bookmarklets that demonstrate the image identification technology behind TinEye. What is the TinEye bookmarklet? The

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      favicon  The Secret to Getting Free Bestselling eBooks 




    The Secret to Getting Free Bestselling eBooks Bestselling eBooks are being given away for free every single day. You can get acclaimed novels from the most talented authors in the world for little to.

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  • Please note:
     Notebooks’ formatted documents are stored as HTML, not as RTF. HTML is more flexible and can be viewed on any device and platform with any standard browser. You can edit those documents on your computer with HTML-capable applications like TextEdit, Word, Pages, and – of course – Notebooks for Mac

  • The styles are CSS1 which are common for HTML and not too hard to create and modify. Notebooks provides a few pre-installed styles, but you are free to add you own. (If you have a favorite style that you want to share with others, please let us know so we can put it into our download area or even include it into Notebooks!)



        A definition and introduction to CSS is available here 


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    Current Time (World Clock) and online and printable Calendars for countries worldwide. Find the best time for web meetings (Meeting Planner) or use the Time and Date Converters. Online services and Ap

    ps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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28 Feb 14

❤️ My.Feedback: Great design for BOTH Mobile AND Desktop devices.
- The Upper Menu-Bar floats SMOOTHLY atop the window as you scroll. It's one of the best webpage designs I've ever seen.
- Beautiful logo, digital clock, and calendar artwork images.
✅ My.Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (out of 5)

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      favicon  Google Analytics Official Website – Web Analytics & Reporting 




    Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.


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  • A few days ago, my laptop died. Since I usually work from 5 different computers, that usually wouldn’t be a huge deal. Except I’m on the road, and the other 4 are sitting uselessly at home.

    Fortunately, I’ve shifted nearly everything to the “cloud.” While an iPhone will never replace the functionality of a desktop, I can still hobble by. It’s not catastrophic. At least not completely.

    For that reason – and others – I recommend you makes as much use of cloud computing as possible. Here are my most valuable tools:
    Web-based Email

    Of course, it’s Gmail. There’s no contest – this is the hands-down best email service anywhere. Some of you may say “of course!” while others maybe have never even tried the service. Do yourself a favor and switch. Once you do, you’ll never go back.

    With Google Apps for business, you can still have your branded email ( while using the Gmail interface.
    Web-based Documents

    Since I use Gmail exclusively, it’s only natural I use Google Docs. I stopped using Microsoft products about 2 years ago, and switched to Google Docs for everything. It’s far easier for sharing files with others, collaborating on documents, and tracking changes.

    If someone sends me a file, I”ll upload it to Google Docs. So it also acts like a file storage system.
    Web-based Scheduling

    And to round out my suite of Google Apps, I use Google Calendar for all scheduling. You can export, sync, and access this on many devices, so it’s very convenient for me.

    Scheduling meetings is often very time consuming – so many back-and-forth emails – so you may look into a tool such as Tungle to make the process easier.
    Web-based Project Management

    For a very long time, Basecamp has kept my life a little more sane. From one dashboard, I can track milestones, updates, deadlines, and files. It’s great if you work with a team of people – especially if they are not all in one location.
    Web-based Journaling

    I’m trying to use Twitter more and more for keeping track of thoughts, story ideas, and questions. The stream-of-consciousness format is helpful: I can go back and review what’s happened the past week…
    Web-based Bookmarking

    I come across so many great sites and pages each day, it would be a nightmare to record them all in an organized fashion. Fortunately, Delicious makes this all very easy.

    It’s still valuable to use browser-based bookmarks, and I use Xmarks to sync my bookmarks across all my computers.
    The Bottom Line: Switch to Google Apps

    My life would be so much harder if it were not for Google Apps. All email, documents, and scheduling takes place there for me.
    - Steven Hotelling on 2014-02-26
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