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    LifeProof cases and accessories let you pack your tech along on your adventures, keeping you connected every soggy, snowy, muddy step of the way.

  • To enable click-to-play on Chrome: From the main menu, click Settings, then in the search box type “click to play,” and click the highlighted box labeled “content settings.” In content settings, scroll down to the “plug-ins” section, and change the default from “run automatically” to “click to play”.
  • a far safer approach with Java is simply to unplug it from the browser until and unless you need it (or uninstall it completely). If you need an idea of why I recommend this, have a gander at just a few of the most recent posts on Java.
  • One final note for those who decide to keep Java; unplugging it from the browser is a good idea, but keep in mind that Oracle’s Java installer re-enables the plug-in when the program is updated
Sep 27, 15

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Search for Recalls by vehicle VIN # & See If Recall Work was Performed!
Vehicle Complaints, Ratings, Tips & more.

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  • Missy - posted on 05/31/2011
  • I just set up a 6-foot x 1.5 foot snap set pool. I don't want to have to drain the water often. Does anyone have any tips for getting the dirt out and also how do you keep the water from turning green? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  • When I use my kiddy pool the water gets emptied daily. Here we have nasty amoebic meningitis which gets into dirty water along with so many other bugs...I just don't risk it with my kids. The only thing which will help keep the water sanitary for longer (maybe 2-3 dys at most) is a filter, which need regular cleaning, and/or chlorine tablets. A kiddy pool is such a small amount of water so bacteria grows much quicker than a larger pool.
  • Kiddie Pool Maintenance - Circle of Moms

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    WATCH: One of the World's Best Rock Climbers Attempts Redwood Tree Climb
  • Climbing a California Coast Redwood tree from the ground to its lush canopy was a feat never before attempted, which was part of the allure for a guy who conquers mountains with his fingertips. 

     Chris Sharma, 34, is considered one of the world’s best rock climbers, but even for him, ascending a giant Redwood tree was a mind-blowing challenge.

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