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      I trust

      Good site


        Reliable managed Bitcoin wallet service. I suggest you place large amounts of bitcoins inside a cold wallet rather than on a hosted service "

      I trust

      Good site


        Good site to purchase bitcoin in the US. They do hold a lot of personal data (credit card, address, bank info) but they are very protective of the data. I frequently purchase coins here. "

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  • Missy - posted on 05/31/2011
  • I just set up a 6-foot x 1.5 foot snap set pool. I don't want to have to drain the water often. Does anyone have any tips for getting the dirt out and also how do you keep the water from turning green? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  • When I use my kiddy pool the water gets emptied daily. Here we have nasty amoebic meningitis which gets into dirty water along with so many other bugs...I just don't risk it with my kids. The only thing which will help keep the water sanitary for longer (maybe 2-3 dys at most) is a filter, which need regular cleaning, and/or chlorine tablets. A kiddy pool is such a small amount of water so bacteria grows much quicker than a larger pool.
  • Kiddie Pool Maintenance - Circle of Moms

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    WATCH: One of the World's Best Rock Climbers Attempts Redwood Tree Climb
  • Climbing a California Coast Redwood tree from the ground to its lush canopy was a feat never before attempted, which was part of the allure for a guy who conquers mountains with his fingertips. 

     Chris Sharma, 34, is considered one of the world’s best rock climbers, but even for him, ascending a giant Redwood tree was a mind-blowing challenge.

  • If you decide that removing Flash altogether or disabling it until needed is impractical, there are in-between solutions. Script-blocking applications like Noscript and ScriptSafe are useful in blocking Flash content, but script blockers can be challenging for many users to handle.
  • Another approach is click-to-play, which is a feature available for most browsers (except IE, sadly) that blocks Flash content from loading by default, replacing the content on Web sites with a blank box. With click-to-play, users who wish to view the blocked content need only click the boxes to enable Flash content inside of them (click-to-play also blocks Java applets from loading by default).
  •   Charles

    I discovered how to work around sites that demand Flash for video. Almost all these sites have HTML5 videos available if you are browsing from an iOS device (which of course has no Flash).


    So you merely need to spoof your browser’s User Agent to an iOS device. In Safari on my Mac, enable the Debug menu. Then when you find a page that says Missing Plug-in, go to the Debug menu, choose User Agent>Safari iOS 8.1 – iPad (any iOS device would work). The page will reload and offer an HTML5 video, usually an mp4. Some sites actually have HTTP Live Streaming for live video.


    So why aren’t they offering HTML5 video as a FIRST CHOICE? Flash should be a fallback only.

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    What's most impressive about Extensibility in general and widgets in specific is that Apple has set them up to work the same in both OS X and iOS. That involved a lot more work on their part — shortcuts for one system or the other couldn't be exploited — but ultimately consistency is a feature, and that discipline has resulted in a more unified, better framework for both developers and customers.

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