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Evrim Baran

Evrim Baran's Public Library

Dec 15, 14

Benefits of mediation. We experienced this a bit in class last week, good to see that it has some effects :)

Nov 05, 14

Here is an example how technology used to make learning math experience fun.

Nov 04, 14

For our motivation discussion next week. 

Oct 14, 14

SRI International research examines many of the topics we cover in class on learning sciences. Worth to check.

Sep 30, 14

Here are the Ignites from last year's class.

Mar 18, 14

PISA 2012 sonuçlarını değerlendireceğimiz bu panele hepinizi bekliyoruz. Forum öncesinde esnasında #ODTUPisaForum tag'i ile sorularınızı ve yorumlarınızı paylaşabilirsiniz.

Mar 18, 14

We were just notified that our project is going to be supported by TUBITAK. The project aims to develop science and technology teachers' TPACK through various activities. Please invite your friends who are science and technology teachers to apply for this workshop which will be held in Aksaray this summer.

Mar 03, 14

"Google, ücretsiz interaktif eğitim içeriği yaratma aracı Oppia’yı duyurdu [Video]"

Dec 11, 13

Famous article by Nicolas Carr. What do you think?

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