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  • Victor was a Jew who lived in Nazi Germany. He writes in his diary an experience of living during this period.
  • "I Will Bear Witness", a diary from 1933 to 1941 by Victor Klemperer
  • I wish to bring attention to the following note he made on June 29th 1937:


    Today a Hitler speech in Würzburg once again pure religious madness. Only that he did not say I, but we. "Providence guides us, we act according to the will of the Almighty. No one can make national or world history without the blessing of this Providence".

  • if we’re truly concerned about some of religion’s negative effects in this world, let’s try to figure out to the best of our ability the root causes of these negative effects. It seems to be that the best evidence suggests they result from fear, from hopelessness, from despair, from need, and it doesn’t seem that simply labeling them as irrational or delusional is the best course of action.
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