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  • set achievable strategies to improve existing trees, expand tree canopy,

  • The OFAC General License Annex lists additional specific hardware, software and services authorized for export to Iran, including the authorized ECCNs for those items. Those items are summarized below; the Annex is reproduced at the end of this Advisory.
  • Mobile operating systems, online application for mobile operating systems (app) stores, and related software, including apps designed to run on mobile operating systems. Note that this includes apps downloaded via online app stores (iTunes App Store, Google Play, etc.), provided they are designated as EAR99 or classified as ECCN 5D992.c .
Aug 03, 16

A bunch of beginner How-Tos/hints for photography.

  • Register and organize an America Recycles Day event
  • Become involved in a local environmental/recycling issue.
  • lan and make a presentation to elementary students about the importance of conserving natural resources. Take students on a nature walk, pointing out natural resources.

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