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Elizabeth Hubbell

Elizabeth Hubbell's Public Library

Feb 27, 15

"In Cognitive CoachingSM, the person being coached, not the coach, evaluates what is good or poor, appropriate or inappropriate, effective or ineffective about his/her work. This is a powerful approach to enhancing performance and building learning organizations. It is not conventional evaluation or performance appraisal.
Cognitive Coachingsm is based on the following four major assumptions:

Thought and perception produce all behavior.
Teaching is constant and decision-making.
To learn something new requires engagement and alteration in thought.
Humans continue to grow cognitively."

Jan 31, 15

"“I think it’s an exaggeration, but that there’s a lot of truth in saying that when you go to school, the trauma is that you must stop learning and you must now accept being taught.” Seymour Papert"

Jan 23, 15

crosswalk between NC standards and CCSS. Shows what was moved from previous grades, kept, etc.

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