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14 Apr 14

"Php Reports simplifies managing and displaying database reports.

You write reports in SQL, javascript, or PHP (depending on the data source) and organize them however you like in a directory structure. Php Reports takes care of the rest.

Major features include:

Display a report from any data source that can output tabular data (SQL, MongoDB, PHP, etc.)
Output reports in HTML, XML, CSV, XLS, JSON, Plain Text, or your own custom format
Add customizable parameters to a report (e.g. date range, keyword, etc.)
Support for graphs and charts with the Google Data Visualization API
Easily switch between database environments (e.g. Production, Staging, and Dev)
Create dashboards that combine multiple reports in a single page
Fully extendable and customizable"

13 Apr 14

" echo "Touchpad disabled." else xinput enable $ID echo "Touchpad enabled.""

08 Apr 14

" if (ex is HttpRequestValidationException)
Response.StatusCode = 200;
<html><head><title>HTML Not Allowed</title>
<script language='JavaScript'><!--
function back() { history.go(-1); } //--></script></head>
<body style='font-family: Arial, Sans-serif;'>
<p>I'm sorry, but HTML entry is not allowed on that page.</p>
<p>Please make sure that your entries do not contain
any angle brackets like &lt; or &gt;.</p>
<p><a href='javascript:back()'>Go back</a></p>

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