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Emily Vickery

Emily Vickery's Public Library

Nov 22, 15

Did you miss our panel on The Science of Learning last month? Don't worry: video of the panel is now on our website!

Nov 21, 15

The current federal #accountability system vs. our vision for the future: #competencyed

Nov 21, 15

A collection of #onlinelearning #blendedlearning #competencyed #edpolicy resources that were featured at #inacol15:

Thanks @jkloczko @tsschmidty @kasnelson @ehvickery for being top engaged members in my community this week


"While we may come from different places and speak different tongues, our hearts beat as one." #WithParis

With Paris
Nov 13, 15

What educators want from digital tools 2.0 via @gatesed #edtech #TeachersKnowBest #iNACOL15

Nov 13, 15

One thing we know for sure: #TeachersKnowBest. So we asked teachers what they want in digital tools:

Nov 13, 15

Pay Attention: @knowledgeworks Trailer for Forecast 4.0 - report release Dec 1 #future #culture #edchat #edpolicy

Q6: More time, so kids can as @garystager says, "Work on a project longer than a course of antibiotics." #kidscancode

Recording a great talk about MAKER MVMT by @garystager @StewardSchool w/ @jonbecker. Look 4wd to sharing! #VCUaltlab
Nov 11, 15

The deeply human decisions behind your Google search results:

Nov 11, 15

Alan Kay's 1977 article set me on the path I followed for decades New video also valuable

Nov 11, 15

Civic & social justice programs w Minecraft #connectedlearning @chiarchitecture @globalkids @ginagrant20 @mmmooshme

I'm jaded about VR, having visited labs around the world 20 years ago, but what Facebook is doing w/ Oculus will change everything
Nov 10, 15

My latest book: The Revenge of the Monsters of Education Technology

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