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  • the company has constantly evaluated its activities, found ways to improve, and built the expectation that learning will be ongoing into management practices.
  • a process is carried
  • The best organizations have figured out how to learn quickly while maintaining high quality standards.

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Sep 12, 16

"Both the learning organization and organizational learning are very similar in that they connect to each other, but differ in that one involves the actual learning in an organization and the other involves the course of gaining the learning in the organization.
Organizational Learning is defined as “the process of improving actions through better knowledge and understanding” (Fiol, 1985). In other words, the "learning organization is a firm that purposefully constructs structures and strategies, to enhance and maximize” (, 2008) the learning in an organization.

The learning organization is classified as “organizational learning [that] is the ‘activity and the process by which organizations eventually reach th[e] ideal of a learning organization’” (Smith 2001). It is the process of learning about what organizations do now, what they need to work on or change in order to be more competitive or create a monopoly, what they are doing right, who the people are that work there and with their competitors, and what they are like as individuals.

Both the learning organization and organizational learning are similar in that they both involve learning. Whether being the process of learning or the actual institutionalizing of learning, it has become popular in organizations today. The reason is because of the idea that one needs to be better than one’s competitors. Learning has also become more popular because of the ever changing environment that we all live in today. Organizations are becoming more and more competitive with each other and without some strategy of becoming better, organizations fall and go out of business, or even worse, go bankrupt. The strategy of learning in an organization has become the answer to businesses all around the world.  

The learning organization and organizational learning are slightly different in that the learning organization is the process to change and organizational learning is having the process and strategies and implementing change throughout an organization. Simply put, one is the plan, the other is the action."

Sep 08, 16

"At the end of a research project about Supreme Court cases that have influenced the rights of teenagers, students prepared an infographic using multiple sources of information cited in a Works Cited Page and one template from the collection linked above. The example to the left shows current suspension statistics after Goss v. Lopez established a student's right to a hearing prior to a suspension."

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