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  • She spent a lot of time thinking about her teachers' thinking preferences
  • the same theory: that people respond differently to challenges depending on their dominant thinking preferences.
  • The biggest takeaway was that better school leadership (as   defined by 21 key behaviors) was linked to better student achievement.

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  • Characterizing instructional leadership as the principal's central role has been a valuable first step in increasing student learning, but it does not go far enough
  • requires mobilizing the energy and capacities of teachers. In turn, to mobilize teachers, we must improve teachers' working conditions and morale. Thus, we need leaders who can create a fundamental transformation in the learning cultures of schools and of the teaching profession itself.
  • The best examples of school system success represent accomplishments at the effective level—high performance standards with corresponding results. These accomplishments may be impressive, but they do not represent the kinds of deep, lasting reforms implemented by executive leaders, who establish the conditions for “enduring greatness.”

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