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May 16, 11

Somehow I don't buy those "spies" stories. The Egyptian regime has a long history of announcing the arrest of "Israeli spies" whenever it was faced with criticism from the public over their relations with the Zionist state. I mean, come on, the biggest collaborators with Israel are Mubarak, Omar Suleiman, and the Mukhabarrat themselves.

  • The report on Ashraf Marwan and his assassination that appeared on 60 minutes only confirms what we have known all along: that this utterly corrupt man was an Israeli agent. The accounts by the Israeli intelligence officials did not bring new revelations but confirmed what we have known all along. Now people may wonder why the Egyptian government insists that he was a "patriot." The answer is simple: they don't want the reputation of Egyptian intelligence to be tainted by the record of this man who reached high positions in the era of the ill-cited, Anwar Sadat.
  • But explain that wild scenario to me: so according to the claim of the Egyptian intelligence service the man gave all the information to the Mossad because he wanted to win their trust and once he did that, the Israeli intellignece service would then spill the beans for his pleasure? I mean, how dumb is that claim. I think that the Egyptian intelligence service killed him after the release of information on his role in 1973, and then they gave him a hero's burial for misinformation purposes.

  • However, that is still not to rule out the possibility that there are scary security forces running the secured state of AUC.  How many countless students have countless stories of being detained in the gate offices for bringing in speakers, fliers, or anything equally insignificant?  How many previous presidents has the university had that quite possibly and very likely had ties to the CIA?  Yet again, how many rumors fly down our avenue without any stock for their share? 
Mar 23, 09

Labor spies are persons recruited or employed for the purpose of gathering intelligence, committing sabotage, sowing dissent, or engaging in other similar activities, typically within the context of an employer/labor organization relationship.

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