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Feb 13, 13

According to UNESCO, more than 95% of the world's population uses radio. That high figure probably says it all, but to put it in even more perspective, this is compared to roughly one-third of the global population having access to Internet at all (let alone reliable or high-speed connections).
As of 2010, at least 75% of households in developing countries have access to a radio, while only 20.5% of households in developing nations have access to the Internet.

  • Just because Turkmenistan is far it ought to be near to the participants in this Congress. Given the immensity of our federative country, which includes Turkmenistan – a land covering five to six hundred thousand versts, bigger than Germany, bigger than France, bigger than any European State, a land where the population is scattered among oases, where there are no roads – given these conditions, radio-communication might have been expressly invented for the benefit of Turkmenistan, to link it with us.
  • The invention of the radio-telegraph and radio-telephone might have occurred especially to convince the bilous sceptics among us of the unlimited possibilities inherent in science and technique, to show that all the achievements that science has registered so far are only a brief introduction to what awaits us in the future.
  • IT IS the task of science and technique to make matter subject to man, together with space and time, which are inseparable from matter.

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Mar 04, 11

The military general chairing the state run TV and radio has been replaced by a technocrat.

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