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  • وتوقعت دراسة “جارتنر” أن يستمر حجم مبيعات الهواتف العادية في الهبوط في عام 2013، فيما ترتفع عدد مبيعات الهواتف الذكية في نهاية العام إلى مليار وحدة، ويرتفع حجم مبيعات الهواتف كلها إلى 1.9 مليار وحدة بدلاً من 1.75 مليار وحدة التي بيعت في عام 2012.

  • However, market analysts Enders has found that Android has increased its market share at the expense of Nokia, Blackberry producer RIM and featurephone sales, rather than iPhone. Apple dominates the premium smartphone market and has maintained a 20% market share, according to analyst Ben Evans, who says regardless of market share the business is extremely profitable, with $176bn in the bank and expected sales of 113m iPhones in 2013.

  • The PC industry is in shambles and no one is going to be hit harder than Microsoft (MSFT) and Intel (INTC), according to the latest forecasts from market research firm Canalys. Consumers continue to favor Android and iOS tablets over Windows and Intel (a.k.a., “Wintel”) PCs. The research firm found that combined shipments of desktops, netbooks and notebooks in the fourth quarter of 2012 declined roughly 10% year-over-year. The Wintel PC market is expected to suffer further and is estimated to fall from a 72% market share in 2012 to a 65% share in 2013, representing a 5% decline in unit shipments.
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