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  • لواء أ.ح عبدالمنعم ابراهيم بيومي التراس قائدا لقوات الدفاع الجوي
      لواء بحري أ.ح أسامة أحمد أحمد الجندي قائدا للقوات البحرية
      لواء طيار أ.ح يونس السيد حامد المصري قائدا للقوات الجوية
28 Oct 10

Dolphins and other marine animals, trained by Soviets to kill and perform military operations, sold to Iran.

  • Only two years ago, Mr Morales suggested that Mr Garcia was "fat and not very anti-imperialist." Mr Garcia suggested Mr Morales "shut up".

  • The Egyptian navy was only peripherally involved in the series of conflicts with Israel. During the 1956 War, Egyptian destroyers and torpedo boats engaged larger British vessels in a move aimed at undermining the amphibious operations of the British and French. The Egyptian blockade of ships in the Strait of Tiran that were headed toward Israel helped precipitate the June 1967 War, but Egypt's navy played only a minor role in the overall conflict. The navy's most significant action occurred in October 1967, a few months after the cease-fire, when an Egyptian missile boat sank one of Israel's two destroyers in Egyptian territorial waters off Port Said.
  • The Egyptian presidential yacht (Presidential Yacht) was commissioned in England in 1865 as the royal yacht for the Khedive Ismail of Egypt. In 1879, the ship ferried Khedive Ismail into exile as it would King Farouk in 1952. The Presidential Yacht is officially still in service in the Egyptian Navy. US Navy officials who have seen the ship identified it as a museum piece and a pleasure boat of state used mainly for Presidential parties. In 1999, NAVSEA authorized the use of at least $645,480 in FMF funds to replace sets of boiler tubes on the Egyptian presidential yacht. NAVSEA justified that expense as an opportunity to provide on-the-job training to three Egyptian workers. While those actions appear to fall outside the overall intent of FMF and the Contract, they were not directly prohibited. Since completing work on the Egyptian presidential yacht, NAVSEA has tightened program controls that should lessen the probability of incurring similar charges for work of a questionable nature.

  • Currently consists of one hundred five ships and craft. The Egyptian Coast Guard has over 5,000 personnel.
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