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  • Tumblr’s traffic is three times that of The New York Times and CNN
  • There are more than 80 million blogs and 170 million users, more than 50% of whom are under 30
  • “Let’s be honest, Newsweek‘s going out of print; there’s no money. If you’re a journalist and you want to write feature content, maybe this is the way to go,” said Bennett, of LinkedIn’s program.

  • Collaborative reporting: You may notice that double bylines aren't very common. That's because trying to co-author a news story stinks.
  • The process usually involves one reporter talking to and researching a few things and another following a different set of sources and finally combining their findings toward the end. This can result in a mess of incompatible and unrelated research that gets either thrown out or somewhat-awkwardly wiggled in.
  • We're not going to e-mail our co-writers with every new lead and minute detail we dig up. But if we're sharing a virtual notebook, we can scan through ...

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