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  • Asilisaurus kongwe is a newly discovered herbivore that lived during the middle Triassic period - about 245 million years ago.
  • The scientists say that its age suggests that dinosaurs were also on the Earth earlier than previously thought.
Oct 03, 09

تدوينة في غاية الجمال لأحمد غربية يفضح فيها زغلول النصاب وجهلاء الجزيرة

Oct 02, 09

يا نهار إسود! إيه المقال الغبي ده بتاع الجزيرة؟! وجايبين "الدكتور" زغلول النجار يعلق كمان؟!!

Feb 11, 09

Alex Callinicos looks at the political controversies that still surround Charles Darwin, who was born 200 years ago, and founded modern biology with his theory of evolution

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