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  • Meanwhile, iPhone penetration was “unsurprisingly low” in the teen age-group across all the surveyed countries — doubtless owing to the relatively high cost of Apple hardware.

  • Bureaucracy and borders have played against our visions, a long process started last May to get visas to perform in Europe and got rejected without a clear reason just 5 days before our flight schedule,  unfortunately half of the band couldn't complete the mission. The Italian embassy in Jordan rejected 3 applications without clear reasons while the members residing in other countries were granted the visa with no hassle although they provided the same set of documents.
19 Mar 10

Good move by Amnesty. It's very important to go after the companies.

  • In western Europe, the mean weight of men in every country except France and The Netherlands tips the scales into the "overweight" category, according to World Health Organisation standards.
  • By contrast, in only three nations do women join men in crossing that line: Britain, Greece and Portugal. In the Netherlands there are more overweight women than men.
  • France is the one country in which both sexes are solidly in the "normal" weight bracket, and the only one in which more than five per cent of women are offically underweight.
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