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Dec 19, 12

"When I started running Linux servers on VMware Server resource management becamemuch more important. The limiting factor on the boxes I am running is RAM. Theless RAM I could get a server to use, the more servers I could run. I put in acall to an old buddy of mine, Anton Thaker. Anton is a RedHat Certified Engineer(RHCE) and knows Linux better than anyone else I know. Anton wrote a mini-howto onfreeing up resources by disabling unneeded services."

Dec 07, 12

PHP has two very similar functions that are essential to writing good PHP applications, but whose purpose and exact function is rarely well explained: isset and empty. The PHP manual itself doesn't have a simple explanation that actually captures their essence and most posts written around the web seem to be missing some detail or other as well. This article attempts to fill that gap; and takes a broad sweep of related topics to do so.

Dec 07, 12

PHP has different functions which can be used to test the value of a variable. Three useful functions for this are isset(), empty() and is_null(). All these function return a boolean value. If these functions are not used in correct way they can cause unexpected results.

isset() and empty() are often viewed as functions that are opposite, however this is not always true. In this post I will explain the differences between these functions.

Nov 09, 12

"Recently, the guild All Good Things on Kargath lost one of their longtime players. Feelan, one of their guild's holy priests, passed away from cancer in early December -- shortly after he was finally able to meet his online friends. Now the guildmates are wondering what they can do to remember their friend in-game. Kesryth suggests that Blizzard add Feelan's character to one of the floating islands in Nagrand, where he can stand and watch the sunset in his favorite zone."

Sep 03, 12

"This tutorial shows you how Confluence macros can create JSON objects to exchange data that can be processed with javascript in the browser.

In order to do this, you will create a Confluence macro plugin that renders a table listing the next seven days starting from any given date. i.e. a macro that turns wiki markup like this:


into this:

In itself, not a very useful macro, but hopefully useful for showing you how to create, exchange and use data in JSON.

As with all plugins, your plugin will consist of the following components:

Java classes encapsulating the plugin logic
Resources for display of the plugin UI
Javascript for client side processing of JSON
Plugin descriptor to enable the plugin module in Confluence

All these components will be contained within a single JAR file. Each component is further discussed in the examples below."

Jul 08, 12

"Data tables can be quite wide, and necessarily so. A single row of data needs to be kept together to make any sense in a table. Tables can flex in width, but they can only get so narrow before they start wrapping cells contents uncomfortably or just plain can't get any narrower.

Responsive design is all about adjusting designs to accomodate screens of different sizes. So what happens when a screen is narrower than the minimum width of a data table? You can zoom out and see the whole table, but the text size will be too small to read. Or you can zoom in to the point of readability, but browsing the table will require both vertical and (sad face) horizontal scrolling.

So here's what we are gonna do...

We're going to use "responsive design" principles (CSS @media queries) to detect if the screen is smaller than the maximum squishitude of our table. If it is, we're going to reformat the table."

Jun 20, 12

Blog post on working with Thunderbird mail messages programmatically in extensions.

"The mere fact of displaying a message involves a complex pipeline that's responsible from fetching the message to rendering it onto the users' screen. I'll focus on a small portion of the pipeline, and I believe this is the one most extension authors will be interested in.

I'll detail the following situations:

displaying a message,
examining the structure of a message,
indexing (by gloda) of a message,
manipulation of a gloda message.

Jun 17, 12

"Selland's market-cafe in Sacramento is an uncommonly good café and often a source of inspiration for foods to prepare. Recently I had some of their asparagus and loved the texture - slightly crunchy (definitely not mushy!) - and the hint of lemon flavor along with the olive oil and Parmesan. Upon inquiry I was told that the asparagus had indeed been parboiled for 2 minutes and then tossed with Parmesan, olive oil, and some lemon zest. So easy! 

Jun 17, 12

" Finally I succumbed to the classic somewhat sweet zucchini bread, but seasoned it with rosemary and lemon, so you get a savory note. More than good enough. Really good. My conclusion is that zucchini bread works well with sugar. Here we use 1 1/4 cups for 3 cups of zucchini and 3 cups of flour. So, it's not a lot, but it's enough to make a lovely, lightly sweet bread."

Jun 17, 12

"The best recipes come tried and true from friends who begged them from other friends and so on and so on. That's the wonderful thing about sharing recipes - the more good recipes we share, the better we all get to eat! This banana bread comes from my friend Heidi who years ago begged this recipe from a ski friend's mother - Mrs. Hockmeyer (parents of friends are always Mr. and Mrs. no matter how old we get). Mrs. Hockmeyer passed away years ago, but her simple but perfect banana bread lives on for all of us to enjoy."

Jun 13, 12

A Twitter hashtag real-time display thingy. This one's pre-set for #phdchat.

May 22, 12

"Overloaded methods (or "multi-methods") are a core feature of many languages, such as Java or C++. Languages such as Perl that have flexible typing mechanisms are also capable of presenting multiple calling interfaces for a given method. The Web Services Definition Language, or WSDL, allows for describing these types of multiple-interface calls so as to properly support services written using these various languages."

May 19, 12

"Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers."

Apr 24, 12

Fix bugs, manage staff/volunteers, pick software etc in the world's only Linux distro simulation game.

Apr 17, 12

Doing too much or too little can be just as bad. 12 classic programming mistakes you should endeavour to avoid.

Apr 11, 12

"This excerpt is taken from No Nonsense XML Web Development with PHP, SitePoint’s new release, by Thomas Myer, which was designed to help you start using XML to build intelligent ‘Future-Proof’ PHP applications today."

Apr 11, 12

"This introduction to XML presents the Extensible Markup Language at a reasonably technical level for anyone interested in learning more about structured documents. In addition to covering the XML 1.0 Specification, this article outlines related XML specifications, which are evolving. The article is organized in four main sections plus an appendix."

Apr 11, 12

XML resources, references, news, etc. from O'Reilly, the computer book people.

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