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Eric Hoefler

Eric Hoefler's Public Library

Nov 25, 14

"ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly to educators online, for free, to be shared broadly."

Nov 24, 14

Lets you create beats and soundtracks with a graphic interface.

Oct 14, 14

Excellent description of camera sensors and comparison between DX and FX sensors in Nikon cameras.

  • The sensitivity of your eyes is just like the sensitivity of the sensor, also known as “ISO” in photography.
  • But sensitivity comes at a price – high sensitivity levels ultimately decrease image quality
  • Think of those pixels as buckets that attract light particles – the larger the bucket, the more light particles it can store in a given amount of time. These buckets are known as “photosites” and their size plays a huge role in sensor sensitivity and ability to accurately gather light in various lighting conditions.
Apr 02, 14

Publish and read children's story books

Apr 02, 14

Make banners, widgets, slidecasts, podcasts, websites, and more.

Mar 21, 14

A list of presentations that offer ideas for using a range of tech tools in the classroom.

Mar 21, 14

Lets you add interactive elements to any video.

Mar 21, 14

Source for educational videos


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Mar 10, 14

Funny, slightly irreverent, but helpful take on archetypes as part of the "hero's journey" monomyth.

  • The moves educators have made away from using social media to talk to kids have been really destructive.
  • Educators should have open-door policies for kids to reach out to them online.
  • A teacher should create a profile that is herself or himself as a teacher

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Feb 19, 14

Tool that allows teachers and students to create timelines, graphs, and interactive images. Aligned to Virginia SOLs.

Jan 17, 14

TPACK Integration Options/Resources

Jan 15, 14

Good overview of general approach to photography workflow.

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