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Felipe C

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Aug 02, 15

"Immigrants to the US are learning English more quickly than previous generations

Concerns about whether immigrants are assimiliating in the US often focus on criticisms that they're not learning English quickly enough (think of outrage over phone systems that ask you to select English or Spanish). But in fact immigrants to the US today are learning and using English much more quickly than immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. More than 75 percent of all immigrants, and just less than 75 percent of Spanish-speaking immigrants, speak English within the first five years, compared to less than 50 percent of immigrants between 1900 and 1920."

  • ‘The devils seem to have a determination that cannot but be admired’, wrote General Sherman to his wife in March 1864. ‘No amount of poverty or adversity seems to shake their faith – niggers gone – wealth and luxury gone, money worthless, starvation in view within a period of two or three years, are causes enough to make the bravest tremble, yet I see no sign of let up – some few deserters – plenty tired of war, but the masses determined to fight it out’. Sherman’s subsequent actions underscored his belief that severe measures were necessary to break the dogged Confederate resistance.
Jun 04, 15

Sid Vicious:<br /><br />Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make Anarchy and disorder your trademarks, cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you alive.<br /><br />1977

Jul 28, 14

"if you want to connect people to more jobs, you might choose to put in more bus lines or bus rapid transit, rather than spend millions of dollars on a new rail line that will connect a city center to an airport, for example, and serve a richer population."

Jun 29, 14

"4. Its roots are inextricably linked with cultural appropriation.

Terre Thaemlitz, a vocal advocate for the diversity and awareness of the house scene in America, once described exactly this while talking about her opposition to Madonna's 'Vogue': "[It's] not that it was 'inauthentic', but that its terms of discourse misrepresented its relationship to vogueing by actively erasing the very contexts of Latina and African-American transgendered culture that inspired it (via lyrics about "It makes no difference if you're black or white, a boy or a girl"... it totally made a difference, and that social reality is where any real discussion on vogueing begins.)" Similarly, EDM culture has all but erased the roots of American electronic music from its own history."

May 24, 14

"One cannot escape the question by hand-waving at the past, disavowing the acts of one’s ancestors, nor by citing a recent date of ancestral immigration. The last slaveholder has been dead for a very long time. The last soldier to endure Valley Forge has been dead much longer. To proudly claim the veteran and disown the slaveholder is patriotism à la carte."

  • Don’t ever think they are trying to catch attention, it’s better to think they are trying to survive
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