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Alfonso Gonzalez

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about 3 hours ago

Even allowing for the fact that authors don't write headlines, this article is hyperbolic and poorly argued. I said as much on Twitter and my Facebook page, and several people asked me to elaborate. So....

about 3 hours ago

It’s been well-established in the literature around professional learning communities that team-developed common assessments can serve as powerful tools to monitor students’ level of proficiency in the essential standards (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, Man…

about 4 hours ago

Okay, so I might be late to the game, but I just discovered that you can force people to make a copy of your Google Form, just like you can with Google documents, spreadsheets, etc.

about 4 hours ago

In what looks like a clear move to try to reach the elementary school market, Khan Academy has acquired Duck Duck Moose. Duck Duck Moose is the developer of 21 popular iPad apps including ChatterPix, Draw and Tell, and Moose Math. Duck Duck Moose ha…

about 4 hours ago

Creating flipped lessons in which students answer questions about a video that you make them watch can be one way to check whether or not they watched a video. Another way is to have them simply record their own observations and or write their own q…

about 4 hours ago

Google Forms is a powerful tool with huge educational potential for teachers and educators. Besides being free and easy to use, Forms works across different devices and is seamlessly integrated with other Drive services such as Docs and Spreadsheets.

about 14 hours ago

The world is our classroom’s playground. We can see and talk to practically anyone around the world (with an Internet connection) for free. Video calls and collaborative digital tools let us connect in powerful ways.

about 15 hours ago

The 2016 ISTE Standards for Students were launched around 2 months ago. At the start of the year I took some time with our tech coaches to explore these new standards and to compare them with the previous ones.

Aug 29, 16

I’m sitting at my desk reworking my pedagogy course. With each revision, I move closer and closer toward truly empowering my students to own the learning. I started with student choice and slowly shifted toward student freedom. But now, I’m taking i…

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