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Judy Arzt

Judy Arzt's Public Library

16 minutes ago

RT @GregBCurran: Here's tomorrow's #teacheredchat questions on Driving Change >> So excited to be moderating with …

about 1 hour ago

Archive for tonight's #Read4Fun Chat Keep on reading and sharing.
Greg, here's the archive for #Read4Fun chat tonight: @Gregbagby @crockow8 @smgaillard

about 1 hour ago

@smgaillard You've been quoted in my #Storify story "Read for Fun Chat on Twitter #Read4Fun"

about 2 hours ago

Looking forward to Harper Lee's to-be released Go Set a Watchman and wondering about the title #Read4Fun

about 2 hours ago

Just returned this Neil Gaiman one to library; best story in it: What about Cassandra? Anyone else read it? #Read4Fun

about 2 hours ago

Good plan RT @Gregbagby: This is my plan for spring break. #Read4Fun

about 2 hours ago

What I'm reading now. Big fan of Raymond Carver. Threw in Jodi Picoult for change of pace #Read4Fun

about 4 hours ago

Twitter Launches Periscope, a Livestreaming Competitor to Meerkat #periscipeEDU FYI

about 10 hours ago

Connecticut Advanced Placement Performance Map from College Board
– Charles Dumais (charlesdumais)

about 13 hours ago

Quick trick to beat Twitter's 140 character limit: #edtech #socialmedia

about 14 hours ago

@sarahdateechur @ashleyhhurley @Joe_Mazza @RusulAlrubail @JudyArzt @amyvitala Comparison 2 Meerkat #periscopeEDU
– Kimberly Goh (stretcheducate)

about 21 hours ago

@stretcheducate @sarahdateechur @ashleyhhurley @Joe_Mazza @RusulAlrubail @amyvitala @periscopeco Did you see this?

Mar 28, 15

To learn more about @blendspace check out:
#edcampsojersey #techcsd
– Sarah Cuje (SarahQJ)

Mar 28, 15

Thought this would amuse you: 'L'alphabet pour les enfants aujourd'hui' @joedale #mfltwiterrati
– Sylvie (SylvieBRawlings)

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