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Nigel Robertson

Nigel Robertson's Public Library

Mar 20, 15

Easy script to run and get emailed when updates happen - a bit like forms notification.

Mar 08, 15

Open source solution for sharing content. connecting and collaborating. Integrates with other systems.

Mar 08, 15

Includes description of Discourse, a StackOverflow developed discussion forum.

Mar 08, 15

Learning design should define the design of the learning platform. Michael Feldstein considers what it is we are really trying to do with education. Some of it covers trust and recommendation.

Mar 07, 15

"She's 68 but she says she's 54"

Mar 07, 15

Description of using Slack for academic communication

Mar 01, 15

A blog recording work that Tom Smith at York Uni has done hacking around for solutions. Much if it is in Google Apps with scripts.

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