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Nigel Robertson

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May 08, 16

"Archi is a free, open source, cross-platform tool and editor to create ArchiMate models."

Apr 26, 16

Plug in for Moodle that allows double marking and blind marking. Includes access to Turnitin reports.

Apr 22, 16

A conference app. Free for up to 200 downloads

Apr 18, 16

"Learning Space as Creation Space
The next generation of learning spaces will take all the characteristics of an active learning environment—flexibility, collaboration, team-based, project-based—and add the capability of creating and making. Project teams will be both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary and will likely need access to a broad array of technologies. High-speed networks, video-based collaboration, high-resolution visualization, and 3-D printing are but a few of the digital tools that will find their way into the learning space.

The ability to rearrange furniture and technology quickly and easily will be highly desirable. Some project activities will need nothing more than comfortable furniture, food, and caffeine. Others will require sophisticated computational analysis and the ability to do rapid prototyping.

Acoustics will be a concern and will need to accommodate a wide range of activities. It seems likely that such space will support more than one team or activity simultaneously. That will be a highly desirable trait, fostering serendipitous discovery and innovation.

The ability to quickly and easily capture the group's activities and progress will also be desirable. An emerging class of powerful and effective collaboration tools enables project teams to save and store project elements, resources, concepts, plans, designs, models, and renderings—in short, all the "stuff" that a team might find or make."

Apr 09, 16

"Identifies at-risk and under-performing learners:  the technology analyses access and frequency of activity of learners in a course, helping instructors to identify learners that are struggling in a course and describes actions to improve their performance
Reviews student engagement: using quantitative linguistics such as semantic and word frequency analysis, X-Ray Analytics analyses discussion forums and provides a perspective and the quality of learner contributions and level of activity.  Additionally, it contains features that monitors the social cohesion of learners
Supports course evaluation: the technology analyses participation within a course, or across courses. It can also provide an added perspective on grade distribution using a defined set of parameters for learner involvement, as set by the instructor"

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