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Aug 17, 16

Powerful post from Kate Bowles on othering and otherness and presence and the implications for edtech and educators.

Aug 04, 16

The Technology-Enabled Learning Implementation Handbook has been developed to assist educational institutions in adopting appropriate policies, strengthening technology infrastructure, building the capacities of teachers, helping learners to take advantage of the available technology and open educational resources (OER) for learning, and undertaking a rigorous approach to the assessment and evaluation of TEL. The objective is to provide both a systematic approach and evidence of improved learning outcomes in a TEL environment. This handbook provides a strategy to engage in a systematic process of critical thinking, decision making, implementation and reflection on TEL. It provides three questionnaires to be used for analysing the TEL infrastructure and usage by the stakeholders – teachers and students.

Jul 18, 16

I think this is an important stating of the assumptions built into technology and the outcomes resulting from these assumptions and inherent biases.

"... we need to understand how the shape of information access controls the intellectual (and, ultimately, financial) opportunities of some college students. If we emphasize the consequences of differential access, we see one facet of the digital divide; if we ask about how these consequences are produced, we are asking about digital redlining. The comfortable elision in "edtech" is dangerous; it needs to be undone by emphasizing the contexts, origins, aims, and ideologies of technologies."

Jul 17, 16

How tech can result in bad outcomes through external bias and social failures.
We can forget that there is more to tech than it being "just some software."

Jul 10, 16

Simulations that really are short. The theory is that you focus on one thing in the sim.

Jul 03, 16

The right wing of the Labour party don't think workers ahould be there

Jul 01, 16

Good resource stepping through a number of stages in designing a course.

Jun 27, 16

Graphic detailing drivers of disruptive shifts and key skills needed to operate in the changed environment.

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