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  • Racism was a learned disease and not the sole determinant of a person’s character, Obama seemed to say as he described his love and acceptance of his white grandmother despite her racist tendencies.
  • What my class and I didn’t discuss, and what has been absent from the larger conversation, is what hip hop actually teaches; what power, latent or explicit, lies in its influence on racism?
  • f nothing else, hip hop teaches language, specifically the unique timbre of African American expression. Some call it Ebonics. Some call it African American vernacular English. I settle on Black English and derive my definition from James Baldwin’s essay "If Black English Ain’t a Language Than Tell Me What Is?"

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Mar 22, 15

Father and daughter recreated Jurassic Park with $100,000 worth of Lego | The Verge

Mar 01, 15

Such great childhood memories :) @LAist The Beverly Grove Theme Park That Inspired Walt Disney

Mar 01, 15

Star Trek’s next generation remembers Leonard Nimoy on @AirTalk #RIPLeonardNimoy

Feb 27, 15

Great teaching shouldn't be kept secret. Learn how these Tennessee teachers are creating a culture of collaboration:

  • Teaching Argument Writing by George Hillocks

    Giving students an argumentative prompt and having the entire class answer the same question is not really teaching argument. It is teaching students to answer your question. Hillock’s idea that meaningful argument arises from inquiry completely changed the way I approach this genre in my classroom, and given that argumentative writing is clearly the favorite CCSS discourse, this book should be widely read.

  • So a lot of public education was, in fact, concerned with trying to teach independent people to become workers in an industrial system.
  • Actually, Ralph Waldo Emerson commented on it. He said something like this: he hears a lot of political leaders saying that we have to have mass public education. And the reason is that millions of people are getting the vote, and we have to educate them to keep them from our throats. In other words, we have to train them in obedience and servility, so they're not going to think through the way the world works and come after our throats.
  • One can at least be suspicious that skyrocketing student debt is a device of indoctrination. It's very hard to imagine that there's any economic reason for it. Other countries' education is free, like Mexico's, and that is a poor country.

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