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  • TheresultsofTheForgottenMiddlesuggestthat,inthecurrenteducationalenvironment,thereisacriticaldefiningpointforstudentsinthecollegeandcareerreadinessprocess—onesoimportantthat,ifstudentsarenotontargetforcollegeandcareerreadinessbythetimetheyreachthispoint,theimpactmaybenearlyirreversible
Dec 10, 15

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  • School systems are not helping teachers understand how to improve—or even that they have room to improve at all. Teachers need clear information about their strengths and weaknesses to improve their instruction, but many don’t seem to be getting that information. The vast majority of teachers in the districts we studied are rated Effective or Meeting Expectations or higher,11 even as student outcomes in these districts fall far short of where they need to be. Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that less than half of teachers surveyed agreed they had weaknesses in their instruction.12
  • In addition to principals and assistant principals, for every 14 to 37 teachers across the districts we studied, there is one full-time equivalent staff member directly supporting teachers.
  • The problem is our indifference to its impact—that all this help doesn’t appear to be helping all that much.

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