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Dmitry Serebrennikov

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  • In PCS:


    Attribute 110350 Tent Type mapping_scs String tent_type TChivers
     Attribute 110350 Tent Type mapping_dotcom String tent_type TChivers
     Attribute 110350 Tent Type mapping_an15T20 String tent_type TChivers


    In IB:


    Attribute 92341 Type mapping_dotcom string tent_type dserebr
     Attribute 92341 Type mapping_an15T20 string tent_type dserebr
     Attribute 92341 Type mapping_scs string tent_type dserebr

  • all_attribute_value_synonyms.csv:Is Shared=N 83889 no;negative;false;0
  • This is caused by missing value rules from IB:


    92865 Actual Color=White
     92873 Actual Color=Off-White


    "Actual Color" seems to be completely missing from all_attribute_values.csv.

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Mar 01, 15

How to qualify for "Real Estate Professional" in order to allow unlimited paper loss via depreciation to offset other income.

Bottom line - unless you are spending more than 50% of working time in RE or have no other occupation, the only way is this:

1. Does a company engaged in a real estate activity in which you own 5% or more of the company currently employ you?
If the answer is yes, you are a Real Estate Professional.

  • develop, redevelop, construct, reconstruct, acquire, convert, rent, operate, manage, lease, or sell
  • Remember that the key is that you perform personal services in these activities, but you don't necessarily have to be the one performing the work. You can be supervising, meeting, planning--all of the activities that go into truly running a business.
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