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Dmitry Serebrennikov

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Oct 14, 15

Google Staff engineer requirements

    • Go beyond being a technical expert to also being a domain expert.  You need to know what should be done, rather then just how things can be done.
    • Be an owner.  The buck stops with you.  If something goes wrong with your part of the product, it's ultimately your responsibility, even if the mistake wasn't made by you.
    • Work for your people, rather then have your people work for you.  That is be the one to volunteer to take on the tasks others don't want to do.  Your job is to make your people look good.  Give them the opportunity to grow professionally, and support them where they need it, and clear obstacles for them, so they can be at their best.
    • Be a leader and a consensus driver.  Real world problems don't have cookie cutter solutions, and not everyone will agree on what the right solution is. You need to have a vision, work across teams, and bring people together, resolve differences.
    • And of course you still need technical chops.  You need to be good at technical system design.  Be able to create an architecture that is as complicated as it needs to be, but no more, and no less.  It needs to serve the requirements of today, while robust enough to be extensible a few years down the road.
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