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Dec 13, 12

Vocabulary or terminology building is a difficult task for many students. A variety of teaching techniques and strategies are needed to help them develop a true understanding related to concepts.

Dec 06, 12

In contrast to the technology teachers use in a classroom for their professional use, what is the technology (or digital) footprint of your students?

Aug 29, 12

Learning science and math is normally thought of as committing to memory facts and procedures. Because of this we tend to perceive the best way to teach is through rote memorization of ideas, theories, and models.

As a consequence, students experience little opportunity to develop a real understanding of what they are expected learn.

Our challenge is to craft strategies which allow student interactivity within lessons. Student involvement beyond memorization is an essential building block for learning science and math.

Feb 01, 12

For a web-based learning to be truly effective it must be interactive. This means that it is not just a reformatted canned science lesson or math worksheets placed on the web

Jan 13, 12

Strategies and techniques are presented for incorporating interactive technology for connecting lesson concepts and engaging students in the learning process.

Jan 13, 12

There is a lot of information known about planet earth; however, every day new and astonishing little known facts are discovered. These facts are the result of research by scientists who spend their time investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating prior knowledge into theories and facts that explain how the earth works. The study of earth and its related sciences is called earth science.

Dec 19, 11

This is a hands-on, minds-on approach to provide students with a concrete model of the earth's atmosphere to visualize the gases which comprise the air they breath.

Dec 19, 11

Flipping a classroom is not a teaching technique, it is more in line with a philosophy or way of teaching. It involves using technology as a tool, not the main focus, for helping students increase their understanding of science or math concepts.

Dec 06, 11

Your students’ future and education needs are not like yours and mine. For the most part, we are a product of an education system heavily influenced by the industrial age - lectures and rote memorization. This style of teaching was primarily designed to produce factory and skilled trade workers.

Dec 02, 11

A hands-on approach designed to provide help students develop a better understanding of friction in both solid surfaces and fluids & which fluids include liquid and gas.

Nov 28, 11

In the North Pacific swirls an enormous clockwise vortex generated by four converging currents from the north, south, east, and west. Like a slow and steady whirlpool, the North Pacific Ocean Gyre, as these vortices are referred to in oceanography, is a giant trap for anything that drifts into its belly.

Nov 08, 11

"All the time you hear what is the use of learning math? Auto racing is full of math applications and concepts. For a race team to be successful they must understand math. "

Nov 08, 11

Math journals provide advantages for students to develop a better understanding of mathematics, with teachers learning their student's views and beliefs regarding math.

Nov 07, 11

Projects in science are provided which take full advantage of Internet resources to help students develop a better understanding of the world in which they live.

Oct 16, 11

This tree is one of the many ancient oak trees located near Shell Mound Park, Dauphin Island, AL.

These ancient oak trees or have limbs reaching out as far as 50 feet from the trunk and almost parallel to the ground.

These trees are called "Goat Trees," because they served as shelter for the island's wild goats that climbed the trees at night. The trees provided a place to rest and protection from roaming alligators.

Oct 16, 11

This butterfly is native to Latin America. On occasion, swarms will migrate to the Southeastern United States.

Image captured in Shell Mound Park on Dauphin Island, AL.

Notice part of it's left wing is missing.

Sep 29, 11

"Students conduct an experiment to determine the ability of rocks to absorb and retain water, making connections with the concepts of porosity and permeability in rocks. "

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