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  • Rather, it was the cult of the organic, acoustic and spontaneous
  • Folk Opposition
  • I quote Žižek with relative confidence. I am an archetypal Quietus reader as much as an archetypal Quietus writer, in other words.

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  • the 1974-79 Labour government had capitulated to an IMF-imposed structural adjustment plan
  • struggle to empower both members and affiliated organisations (
  • Ed Miliband – who had been elected by the electoral college in 2010, despite his rather weak support within the PLP – introduced a radical change to the leadership rules, granting equal authority to all party members

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  • The avatar here would be Pauline Kael’s humour-laced conversational lucidity, as opposed to the manifesto-like starkness of Susan Sontag (memorably savaged by Marcus as an essentially un-American cold fish compared to his heroes Kael and Leslie Fiedler).

  • After my book Wanderlust came out in 2000, I found myself better able to resist being bullied out of my own perceptions and interpretations. On two occasions around that time, I objected to the behavior of a man, only to be told that the incidents hadn’t happened at all as I said, that I was subjective, delusional, overwrought, dishonest — in a nutshell, female.
  • archipelago of arrogance.
  • House Committee on Un-American Activities, HUAC

  • Is there anything sadder -- and ultimately more repellent --  than a clean-minded pornographer?
  • may  experience them as an indignity
  • they're frigidly, pedantically  calculated,

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  • This sounds hor­rible. I like my col­leagues well enough, but I’m glad the re­quire­ment to in­ter­act with them as human be­ings is lim­ited to oc­ca­sional drinks after work.
  • This I think is an in­stance of a gen­eral prob­lem with the (broadly un­der­stood) so­cial­ist tra­di­tion: the un­crit­ical em­brace of “the so­cial” as an ob­vi­ous cat­egory and one which is un­prob­lem­at­ic­ally good, so that so­ci­ab­il­ity is as­sumed to be something that every­one would or should em­brace

  • Against this tire­some in­sist­ence on ex­cel­lence, com­mun­ism should base it­self on the ac­tual me­diocrity pro­duced by cap­it­al­ism, but we need to make it pos­sible to live our me­diocre lives, in con­trast to our cur­rent situ­ation where fail­ing to achieve an im­possible ex­cel­lence leaves every­one one step away from pen­ury.
  • we should give up the se­duct­ive ideo­logy of ex­cel­lence.

  • 16th June

    Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells - Book Now

  • Oggum, described by Woven Wheat Whispers as “a reclusive alchemical Welsh experimental noise and drone folk label”
  • it has this background of english whimsy, Lewis Caroll etc, but was striving for modernist abstraction.
  • Paul Nash

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  • “Hauntology”, my early nomination for genre handle, is tad clunky and carries a heap of post-structuralist baggage
  • Love of horror stories and horror movies is one cornerstone of the Ghost Box edifice.
  • it’s their cheesiness, their bad effects and sound quality that often gives them an unworldly quality and indefinable otherness, beyond the director's intent.”

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  • Against Health and Efficiency
     Monitor, issue 5, January 1986

  • curatorial in their cultural habits.

  • Zer0 writers share an ability to write passionately, avoiding the clunky prose of academia and generating new lines of inquiry rather than just regurgitating critical clichés.


  • Eager to learn more about Zer0,

  • sell drudgery as creativity
  • hyper-exploitation as sharing
  • cyber-serfery.

  • Consider what you mean when you tell someone: be realistic. It's another way to say: lower your expectations. It's also connected with a view of maturity that holds growing up to be a process of becoming resigned.

  • Two Moral Essays by Simone Weil—Draft for a Statement of Human Obligations & Human Personality. Ronald Hathaway, ed. Pendle Hill Pamphlet. Richard Rhees trans.

  • Silva finds her young subjects exhibiting a ‘hardened’ self – a form of subjectivity that prides itself on its independence from others.
  • “In a world of rapid change and tenuous loyalties,” Silva argues, “the language and institution of therapy – and the self-transformation it promises – has exploded in American culture.”
  • no sense of ‘we’.
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