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  • The following is my take on the of Teleoplexic end-point of Landian Accelerationism.

  • Voice is a profound crux of how our bodies are subjected to what Zizek calls “the torture house of language”.
  • thrilled watching American TV on Channel 4 in the late 90’s and early 00’s. I’d come home from school or college and, gawping at the quick fire, gag-a-second, energetic and snappy sitcoms I’d feel a distinct sense of speed
  • out in stark contrast to the familiar monosyllabic plodding

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  • Filler terms such as ‘um’, ‘you know’, ‘well I think’, ‘to be honest’ etc are seldom granted the same privilege as patrician stutters or elite-class parroting.

  • as two books of collected articles, the second of which—with its slightly more experimental forays in terms of running-order, length, artwork, and occasional noodling
  • The trendification—modulating “commodification” to fit the terminology of our moment—
  • Martin Shkreli.

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  • but a social relation
  • To be nervous is to be aware of time as multiple, as disjunctive.
  • an ability to operate autonomously in a time of one’s one, they intensify our emotional investment in one another.

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  • Labour Party
  • everything Labour will do in power is positive
  • Angela Eagle or perhaps Tom Watson or the apparently soft leftist, but anointed by Tony Blair, Lisa Nandy, are “electable

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  • No text as boringly written as Srnicek and Williams
  • setting aflame in shared consciousness some instinct that liberal society has blocked off or incarcerated in the realm of merely private conscience,

  • because the demand to be enthusiastic and omnicompetent is directed especially to women in post-Fordist economies.

  • Tracy Barlow is unusual among soap characters, I think, in that she committed a pre-meditated, cold-blooded, murder, but has been allowed to stay in the show as a more-or-less sympathetic character.
  • Furthermore, as with Tracy Barlow and House, there is a kind of ethical commitment to this anti-sociality.
  • which depends not on a sovereign autonomy, but on a radically contingent passivity.

  • 2001. David Lynch. New, enlarged edition. Collection "Auteurs". [N.p.]: Cahiers du Cinema Livres. ISBN 2-86642-319-4

  • literary publishing
  • in coming to understand more closely what we are really interested in,

  • Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses
     (Notes towards an Investigation)

  • Bourbons and the Orleanists
  • (IS focuses on killing Shia Muslims)
  • In short, the most serious opposition to the Chinese party leadership today is presented by truly convinced communists, a group composed of old, mostly retired party cadres who feel betrayed by the unbridled capitalist corruption

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  • Folk Opposition
  • Rather, it was the cult of the organic, acoustic and spontaneous
  • I quote Žižek with relative confidence. I am an archetypal Quietus reader as much as an archetypal Quietus writer, in other words.

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  • the 1974-79 Labour government had capitulated to an IMF-imposed structural adjustment plan
  • struggle to empower both members and affiliated organisations (
  • Ed Miliband – who had been elected by the electoral college in 2010, despite his rather weak support within the PLP – introduced a radical change to the leadership rules, granting equal authority to all party members

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