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  • that it is unlikely that the state can be toppled, instead it chooses to launch its projects of resistance from within its interstices
  • neo-Leninist
  • Bakunin has been chosen to represent anarchism

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  • Be near enough to talent, and you will feel the vibe splatter across your flesh like rain. Musicians have it, actors have it, politicians and academics and athletes have it, and Meaghan has it so strongly that it shimmers across Belmont Avenue.
  • almost on some like Scientology level bullshit, where you have to pay $40,000 to be inside some sort of bougey inside joke, you know what I mean?"
  • not only plays with the notion of the rapper-cum-New World Order harbinger but simultaneously reinforces it

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  • curator,
  • in the age of the
  • to the healing properties of hallucinogens,

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  • Being the music director at the college radio station at SCSU in New Haven
  • I was quitting a job where I was cooking pizza, so it wasn’t that hard of a decision.

  • is the memoir so light on references to world cinema
  • As far as reviewing is concerned, context is everything, but as far as this book was concerned, it was strictly autobiographical.
  • cop at

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  • infatuated with my new device
  • that I’d outgrown the relationship.
  • to our fantasy ideal of an erotic relationship, in which the beloved object asks for nothing and gives everything,

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  • being a general in the Salvation Army.'
  • the A makers
  • nd if you're really lucky, you had your heartbroken.

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  • "But at the same time it's just a tennis match and, you know, I need to not worry too much. Life is still good. Everyone has highs and lows in their career. This is a little bit of a low point for me."

  • His music's suffered horribly thanks to many, many failed attempts to show off a versatility that just isn't there.

  • beautiful – though one has to be careful using that adjective which is so often a hesitant euphemism for unengaging
  • although I had to confess that it was too opaque to capture my heart
  • their cinephile idealism.

  • Nothing could be further from The Island’s adrenal bustle than Never Let Me Go’s atmosphere of lassitude, languor and longing
  • all those who really want to return to pre-capitalist territorialities, families and villages
  • Iain Grant and Ben Noys follow Lyotard himself in describing Libidinal Economy as a work of affirmation, but, rather like Nietzsche’s texts, Libidinal Economy habitually defers its affirmation, engaging for much of the text in a series of (ostensibly parenthetical) hatreds.

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  • What’s striking is the lack of explicit political content in any of this music.
  • What’s striking is the lack of explicit political content in any of this music. Yet Grime, Dancehall and R&B have a grip on the present in the way that older forms of self-consciously political music don’t, and here is the impasse.
  • It’s as if we’re left with a choice between the increasingly played out feel of ‘politically engaged’ music and the sound of the present.

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  • "the word" or the "act of speech", as epistemologically superior in a system,

  • Many also believe that spoken language is inherently richer and more intuitive than written language.
  • Derrida has argued that phonocentrism developed because the immediacy of speech has been regarded as closer to the presence of subjects than writing.

  • with the B-worker deal – boredom for security – being the most exemplary of the Fordism-boredom conjuncture
  • If the first wave of social movements were a machine for fighting misery, the second wave (of the 1960s-70s, or more broadly (and thinly) 1960s-90s) were a machine for fighting boredom.
  • which the guarantee that we will not die of starvation is bought by accepting the risk of dying of boredom”

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  • nd Bataille has a bit of a thing about the sun
  • istinguishes between profane life (secular, bourgeois, productive) and
    sacred life. Profane life is based on the denial of man's animalism, a refusal
    of the animal's subjection to sexual drives and to death
  • is a futile denial of mortality

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  • Would therapy help? ‘I would rather shoot myself than have therapy. And I don’t want anyone to touch my back, to give me a massage. No way, never. I don’t want to cross that line. It’s part of growing up in Norway in the 1970s; you don’t cry and you don’t complain. I read Freud and I’m interested in the process, but I don’t want to do it. Sometimes you want to cling to whatever’s wrong with you. Maybe your flaws and shortcomings are something you take advantage of in your writing. I’m a destructive person. Not very, but I have that in me, and for me it’s a healing thing to write. It’ll take me a year to get there and then I’ll have two days of very joyful writing, where it’s extremely satisfying. It’s like a drug when I can access the source I can only use for writing. Then when you stop writing, the destruction is back again.’
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