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  • a looming centre half with a backwoodsman’s beard and sleeve tattoos.
  • is a seriousness so ascetic it detonates into camp,
  • to a certain type of pop-cultural hetero-masculinity

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  • The Martian is nothing if not a piece of highly effective propaganda that wants to motivate us to put our fate and money into the hands of science, scientists and the ideology of technological progress and growth that they represent
  • or whether he is miserable in the aftermath of a breakup because of the sheer familiarity he has with what we could call the subject of heartbreak
  • if popular songs (and other popular media like cinema or television) depicted breakups other than as soul-destroying episodes that ruin lives

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  • is not simply that it is 'fake,’ but rather that in presenting itself as the world of imagination and fiction

  • revolutionised the cleanliness of military
  • Florence Nightingale demonstrated that collecting and representing data can be both a force for the common good and propel institutional change. It’s a lesson from history that remains prescient today.

  • in an old university teaching job
  • Now, the cultural imperative, the law of the superego, is to live by the whims of the unschoolable,
  • Now, the cultural imperative, the law of the superego, is to live by the whims of the unschoolable, insatiable id.

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  • Alan Rickman’s passing came a cold reminder to millions of Millennials weaned on Harry Potter films that we won’t be forever young
  • porting a thin sweater and even thinner social bonds.
  • the most protean figure in pop music since David Bowie,

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  • from what he has
  • Fortunately, however, there is in human nature a compensating passion, namely that of admiration
  • The habit of thinking in terms of comparisons is a fatal one.

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  • space colonies. “Large cylinders, potentially over a kilometre long,”
  • o the surge of utopianism that swept through architecture and city planning in America and other rich countries during the 60s and 70s.
  • visions of progress

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  • It’s tempting to give a Lacanian explanation of this collapse: free time was only alluring when I couldn’t get it. When I was actually faced with the prospect of attaining what I said I wanted, I fell into a melancholic stupor
  • The analogy of the kettle boiled dry was probably close to the truth: I was running on empty, my brain exhausted.
  • A certain bipolarity is no doubt a given with creative work – who is the writer, musician, artist who can reliably produce work of high quality indefinitely?

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  • its embrace of the Topshop lifestyle ethic, its love of landfill indie, its obsession with Doherty and Borrell.
  • It happened because a specific group of people got into specific positions of power and made specific decisions based on a specific (and very narrow) view of what pop music is.
  • music festivals into summer camps for the bourgeoisie,

  • Cultural Studies trumps psephology every time.”
  • Everything seen through a downer haze… “Mostly you self-medicate” … comfort eating and bitter drinking …. What’s your poison?
  • Everyone has chauvinistic potentials of one kind or another which can be activated by particular sets of forces

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  • 13. Bernie 
     Richard Linklater, U.S.
  • 44. Compliance
     Craig Zobel,

  • 19. Take Shelter
     Jeff Nichols, U.S.
  • 30. Weekend
     Andrew Haigh, U.K.

  • was a close friend of Simon Reynolds
  • Fear of Music: Why people get Rothko but don't get Stockhausen

  • It would be nice to report that this sort of behaviour confounded the macho bully boys in 1970s English primary and secondary schools, but that wasn’t my experience. Somehow, it made him more über-male.
  • we were used to long-haired blokes
  • Sightings of Bowie became rarer. His value only increased.

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  • with the B-worker deal – boredom for security – being the most exemplary of the Fordism-boredom conjuncture
  • If the first wave of social movements were a machine for fighting misery, the second wave (of the 1960s-70s, or more broadly (and thinly) 1960s-90s) were a machine for fighting boredom.
  • which the guarantee that we will not die of starvation is bought by accepting the risk of dying of boredom”

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