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  • ‘‘My tragedy,” jokes Danny Baker in his memoir Going to Sea in a Sieve, “is that I can offer no downbeat revelations, given that I literally beamed with joy throughout the entire Sixties.”
  • There weren’t too many factories left he could work in. When Del Boy brandished a mobile phone and a Filofax, we were invited to giggle at his pretentiousness and self-importance. Who’s laughing now we’re all tethered to our smartphones? Here as elsewhere, Del Boy turned out to be a somewhat melancholy harbinger of coming trends.
  • Both series pay attention to the ways in which family life, work and a teenager’s consciousness interact at a particular historical moment.

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  • as the story of how an ordinary lower-middle-class man becomes evil.

  • for someone perfectly equidistant from each, the representative voice of the nation's tickled ribs, just think of Robert Webb.
  • suppurating
  • but there's also a certain lack of risk in decrying the pantomime sexism which characterised On The Pull

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  • “I see nothing. It’s because there is nothing, or it’s because I have no eyes, or both, that makes three possibilities to choose from.”

  • ‘The Me Decade’.
  • Creatine
  • Patrick Bateman’s (1980s) obsession with his physique, his vanity, is not abnormal by today’s selfie-snapping and protein-chugging standards.

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  • Your local Labour councillors Chris Paul and Daniel Gillard hold help and advice sessions at the following times:


    5.45-7.45 on the first and third Wednesdays every month in the reception of Withington Library, with a private room available.


  • By Jacques Rancière
  • We don’t see in his films the economic power which exploits and relegates,
  • Francesco Rosi

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  • Dark' designates both a highly marketable aesthetic style
  • Gibson's Sprawl and  Ridley Scott's LA, one of the chief geomythic sources of this  trend.
  • Miller traded on a disingenuous male adolescent desire to both have comics and to feel superior to them.

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  • conjunctural
  • This form of writing, reliant mostly on case studies, is derived quite clearly from broadsheet journalism that aims to personalise issues by offering relatable stories for an apolitical, middle-class readership who need anecdotes to take an interest in a topic which is distant from their everyday life.
  • attempts to unify the everyday problems of private renting not by reference to power in the economy or structural explanations, but by presenting politics (the landlord lobby) as deforming the market.

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  • my understanding of Marx has led me to have severe doubts about the ‘Corbyn project’
  • The contrast is often made to the post-war era of welfare capitalism, in which the gap between the ‘1%’ and the rest was much less pronounced.

  • Robert William Arthur Cook, better known since the 1980s by his pen name Derek Raymond, was an English crime writer, credited with being a founder of British noir.

  • Saturday May 21st
  • MARK FISHER, author of ‘Capitalist Realism: is there no alternative?’ (Zero, 2009) and lecturer at Goldsmiths

  • Labour Party
  • everything Labour will do in power is positive
  • “parliamentary socialism” is not Labour’s original sin

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  • ‘spatial fix’ since the stagflation crisis of the 1970s.
  • that was never publicly spoken of, and co-existed with a political culture which heaped scorn on dependency.
  • shadow welfare state

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  • Every Monday 5.30pm - 6.30pm (excluding the month of August)               


    Fallowfield Library (aka The Place at Platt Lane) 
    Platt Lane 
    M14 7FB

  • nds’ Meeting House, Manchester, M25NS, on Monday August 15th, 2016, at 6pm.

  • Resolution Way, a street along a railway viaduct in Deptford,
  • The old Job Centre really has become a bar called Job Centre.
  • patial segregation, ‘no go areas’, ‘sink estates’, ‘social exclusion’ and a dearth of ‘aspiration’, all of which may be problems elsewhere,

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  • stasis quo.
  • George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair, for example, both at least implicitly invoked God in justification for the 2003 intervention in Iraq. […] Aren’t these clear cases of responsibility being deferred onto some third non-existing person?
  • we could say that morality thus resides in the Symbolic, as that which has rigidified before the Real

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