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  • for though his characters do act extravagantly, madly, almost, still their basis is firm enough underneath.
  • exaltation which can merge into madness
  • the reasonable man achieves nothing.

    • Hugh (1995)
    • These Places We've Learned to Call Home (1996)
    • The Challenge of Manufacturing (1997)
    • The Entire History of the Louisiana Purchase (1997)
    • The Globalisation Tapes (2003) (a collaboration between the Independent Plantation Workers' Union of Sumatra (Indonesia), the International Union of Food and Agricultural Workers (IUF), and Vision Machine (Christine Cynn, Joshua Oppenheimer, Michael Uwemedimo, Andrea Luka Zimmerman)
    • A Brief History of Paradise as Told by the Cockroaches (2003)
    • Market Update (2003)
    • Postcard from Sun City, Arizona (2004)
    • Muzak: a tool of management (2004)
    • Show of Force (2007)
    • Several Consequences of the Decline of Industry in the Industrialised World (2008)

  • Djokovic shrugged. “Well, they’re already against me, because they think I’m faking everything, so it’s all right.” It’s excruciating to watch the video, which captures the discrepancy between Djokovic’s desire to be fêted as a winner—he had, after all, won—and the crowd’s perception of him as a punk.
  • in which he succeeds in firing back a shot so putatively decisive that his opponent has already turned around and started walking away from the net.
  • Internet moguls do, but, unlike athletes, their tenures are open-ended

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  • the more you obey what the Other demands of you, the guiltier you are.
  • We in the West are the Nietzschean Last Men, immersed in stupid daily pleasures, while the Muslim radicals are ready to risk everything,
  • : “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

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  • Here my stance is simply open: there are situations where it is better to do nothing (since our engagement just strengthens the system) – sometimes I refer to this as the Bartleby-politics;
  • there are situations where we have to engage in a strong global act (like the struggle to defeat Fascism);

  • Integrative therapy


    Integrative therapy, or integrative counselling is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies.

  • indeed, ambivalence is the way we recognise that someone or something has become significant to us
  • something has become significant
  • that where there is devotion there is always protest

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  • Joan Acocella, writing in The New Yorker, described Phillips as "Britain's foremost psychoanalytic writer"

  • A bore is a man who has nothing to say and says it anyway.
  • A certain amount of excitement is wholesome, but, like almost everything else, the matter is quantitative. Too little may produce morbid cravings; too much will produce exhaustion. A certain power of enduring boredom is therefore essential to a happy life, and is one of the things that ought to be taught to the young.
  • Bertrand Russell

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  • with the result that subjects are rendered passive or determined, while objects are rendered as the active, determining factor.

  • Lenny’s self-manipulation bespeaks a degree of autonomy that belies his brokenness
  • If so, then perhaps Lenny differs from the rest of us not so much in kind, but merely in degree.
  • Is the quest for good a road to evil?
    Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... and Spring

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  • Propaganda is an attempt to reterritorialize by influencing people's ideas through information distributed on a large scale.

  • to the fluid and dissipated nature of human subjectivity in contemporary capitalist cultures (
  • deterritorialization to designate the freeing of labor-power from specific means of production

  • Diner tells the story of a circle of male friends – now in their early twenties – who reunite for the wedding of one of their group.
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