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  • So, perhaps the better distinction is that stories contain multiple types of work (e.g., programming, testing, database design, user interface design, analysis, etc.) while tasks are restricted to a single type of work.

  • insert into table s_file_pa_job_data_t partition(customer_id)     values (array(named_struct('pa_axis',0)) ); 

    that is, using the array() and named_struct() udfs which will from some scalar values construct respectively an array, and a struct according to your specs. (see UDF documentation here:


    but unfortunately if you do that you'll get

    FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10293]: Unable to create temp file  for insert values Expression of type TOK_FUNCTION not supported in insert/values 

    because unfortunately hive does not support the use of UDF functions in the VALUES clause yet. As the other posts suggest, you could do it using a dummy table, which is kind of ugly, but works.

    • In addition to supporting the standard scalar data types, Hive also supports three complex data types:

      • Arrays are collections of related items that are all the same scalar data type
      • Structs are object-like collections wherein each item is made up of multiple pieces of data each with its own data type
      • Maps are key/value pair collections
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