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  • We can collect the data when we run tests through Hudson, but that doesn’t make the output much more readable, doesn’t capture metadata (such as which environment configuration the tests ran against) and doesn’t even give useful historic snapshot data, as the jobs run different suites of tests based on parameters.
  • You can use the MSTest.exe program to run automated tests in a test assembly from a command line. You can also view the test results from these test runs, save the results to disk, and save your results to Team Foundation Server.

    You can also use tcm.exe to run test cases with associated automation from the command line using a test environment.

  • Visual Studio Editions' Support for SQL Server Unit Tests


    The SQL Server unit tests feature, which was added in the December 2012 update of SQL Server Data Tools, allows you to create, modify, and run SQL Server unit tests in Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Visual Studio 2012 Professional and higher editions.

  • If you want to do test-driven development for databases, SQL Test is the place to start. It lets you write database unit tests in T-SQL and run them in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • nose provides an alternate test discovery and running process for unittest,
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