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    • RHEL-compatible
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS
        • 5.7, 64-bit
        • 6.4, 64-bit
        • 6.4 in SE Linux mode
        • 6.5, 64-bit

  • Google showed that, when it comes to AI, the real value lies not so much in the software or the algorithms as in the data needed to make it all smarter
  • As companies become more data-driven, they feel more comfortable open sourcing lots of [software]. They know they’re sitting on lots of proprietary data that nobody else has access to,” says Biewald, who also worked at Yahoo as a search engineer and helped bootstrap a

  • SELECT ARRAY(SELECT oid FROM pg_proc WHERE proname LIKE 'bytea%');  ?column? -------------------------------------------------------------  {2011,1954,1948,1952,1951,1244,1950,2005,1949,1953,2006,31} (1 row)

    • am planning to develop an hybrid application using phone gap. i want to download html pages,images & other resources from a web server instead of keeping it inside the phone gap application bundle.

      1. is it possible to do so
      3. is it the right way to avoid updating the application in the App Store frequently or
      5. will android, iPhone, windows reject our application
  • iOS will be rejected immediately.

  • Now – consider PhoneGap. PhoneGap takes your HTML files and packages them up into a native application for your mobile platform. But it is not a web server. You can’t bundle in ColdFusion or PHP and have it execute server-side code like in the example above.

  • A Drug Era is defined as a span of time when the Person is assumed to be exposed to a particular active ingredient.
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