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May 09, 15

"Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in in 90% of US schools."

Sep 22, 13

"The private school, for grades six through twelve, sits in a quiet nook of Chestnut Hill, Mass. — a suburb sandwiched a few miles between, and directly below, Cambridge and downtown Boston. It's not far from where Mark Zuckerberg built a world-changing social network from his Harvard University dorm room just nine years ago."

Aug 18, 13

"Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario passes a non-binding motion to ban cellphones from classrooms out of potential workplace safety concerns."

May 23, 13

"Public schools are keenly aware of the power of the mainstream media; a critical television segment or a laudatory newspaper article will be talked about in the hallways for days. But the landscape has shifted, and school leaders must embrace a new, growing reality: social media has become the source for breaking news. "

Apr 14, 13

"Bullying is not a new phenomenon but an evolving one. Most of us can remember either knowing a bully, watching a bully, or being bullied. As adults working in schools, we have seen our share of bullying. We now have entered the world of cyber bullying. The bullied remain the vulnerable ones."

Feb 13, 13

"To inspire the next generation of [Tim Berners-Lee]s and Ada Lovelaces, we need to excite children about the art, as well as the science, of computing"

Dec 06, 11

6 search results for "holiday season"
Holiday Ideas from Bitstrips for Schools - via @Shareaholic

Oct 05, 12

Study Uncovers How Schools Actually Use Social Media (And If It Works) via @zite

Sep 21, 12

"Most parents realize that parental involvement in education is important in some way, but for many, it’s more of a nagging notion than a hard fact. But there are measurable ways that parental involvement in schools can make a difference, from an increase in student academic achievement to benefits for parents and teachers. Read on as we discuss 15 different ways parental involvement helps to improve outcomes for students, schools, and education as a whole."

Sep 14, 12

"The next stage of digital adoption could be figuring out how schools can better share tech resources within their district, their state and even the country."

Sep 10, 12

"Canonical’s recent efforts to promote desktop Ubuntu on the workstations of large organizations have focused primarily on the business world. But perhaps the company’s greatest prospects lie in the education channel. That’s where 220,000 Ubuntu-based PCs are now running in Andalusia, Spain. Here are the details, and what they say about desktop Linux’s viability in the education market."

Sep 05, 12

"As our students get older, they become more responsible...we hope. A laptop or tablet has replaced the notebook and pen over the past few years since our present technological explosion. Many students can't wait until the age that their teachers allow them to bring in their own devices. Unfortunately, no matter the level, not all students are encouraged to bring technology into the classroom. And those that are encouraged to do so, may not be doing it for the right reasons."

Sep 05, 12

"An inclusive education system in Ontario ensures that all students, parents/guardians, and other members of the school community are welcomed and respected."

Sep 02, 12

"Anatomy of a Teacher is an interesting infographic with data on teachers - percentage female vs. male, public vs. private schools, student/teacher ratios, salary, working hours and more. Take a look and see if the data matches your situation and share it with others."

Sep 01, 12

Remain positive, keep lines of communication open to ease back-to-school jitters

Sep 01, 12

"If you are a parent aiming to support your child’s growth in school, an educator rallying students to reach toward and beyond standards, a business owner considering a donation to your local school (and please, we need them, in truckloads).  There is no more essential, life-altering, test-score-improving, learning-loving, ultimate-jump-starter, back to school item then: books. Lots of them."

Aug 29, 12

"At its core, Google+ Hangouts is simply a souped-up version of video chat. But when it comes to education, it’s so much more than that. It becomes a vehicle for learning, sharing, collaboration, and ideas. "

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