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Jul 27, 13

"The last couple of scams we have profiled use rogue browser extensions (sometimes called addons or plug-ins) to propagate on Facebook. This typically occurs by the scammer tricking users into downloading and installing what appears to be a theme, application or required plugin to watch an advertised video."
How to protect your Facebook account from Rogue Browser Extensions

Jul 23, 13

"Today, we’re launching MaskMe with free unlimited Masked Emails, safe passwords, and account storage (including on the cloud) as an add-on for Chrome and Firefox. Some of the powerful features, like Masked Phone and Masked Credit Cards, require a $5/month subscription to MaskMe Premium. MaskMe Premium also lets you use the MaskMe Mobile for Android and iOS, so you can access your info anywhere you are."

Mar 16, 12

Pinterest Scams on the Rise: Protect Yourself [PICS]

Jul 24, 11

A good infographic that could be the start of a good classroom discussion about internet abuse, privacy, ....

Jul 24, 11

Who would know better about how to deal with online scams and swindles than the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? When people are ripped off, the trusted organization is the first place many victims will go to file a complaint, and this infographic shows you the top 10 scams that ensnared unsuspecting victims in the U.S. and Canada last year, as reported to the BBB.

Feb 23, 11

These days, anyone can become the victim of a scams or fraud - including photographers. New scams are being invented all the time, especially online, where anonymity is the norm. But there are 4 scams that target the photography world specifically, so I thought I would describe how they work, and what you can do to avoid falling for them.

Dec 04, 09

"Phishing is the slang term for using email to get people to divulge their personal information so it can be used to steal their idenitity"

Nov 01, 09

"Feedback is rolling in on our Scamville post last night. Even more people are coming forward to talk about their experiences getting ripped off by Offerpal and SuperRewards, or how they were pitched by these companies to add offers to their apps. "

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