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Sep 07, 12

"Google apps for iOS are being slowly but surely updated by Mountain View, and today the Gmail for iOS app was updated to give users the option to open links in Chrome for iOS instead of Apple’s Safari browser. The update moves Google towards providing Google Apps users an ecosystem within the bigger iOS ecosystem at a time when Apple is actively working to push Google services out the door. They got rid of YouTube in the latest iOS 6 beta, and iOS 6 will also see the end of Google Maps built into iOS."

Sep 01, 12

"The income level of a school’s community correlates with the school’s scoring in Ontario’s standardized tests – meaning richer communities will produce better scores – according to data obtained by Global News."

May 15, 12

A newly launched app will allow teachers to create and share interactive lessons for mobile devices like iPads, and help them receive feedback on the ways students are using their devices.

May 15, 12

We have all done it; when we see a link to a web page that we want to share with others, we copy that website URL, then go to another web site or a program like an email client, Facebook or Twitter, and then past that URL we want to share. Now Microsoft says that experience has been made much more simpler with both Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8.

May 11, 12

What an epic week in the world of photography!  The folks at Toad Hollow Photography have been collecting links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone, and the result of all that work is this week’s list.  We really hope you enjoy looking at the images produced by these great artists as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

Apr 24, 12

Dropbox has just announced an update to its self-named service that provides new public sharing links. This update, which appears to be an end-run against the imminent launch of Google's competing Drive app, makes it possible to share read-only folders with anyone -- regardless of whether or not they have a Dropbox account.

Apr 06, 12

As we head into the Easter long weekend, the Toads are pleased to share this weeks list of tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs.  A wonderful week exploring the world of photography is reflected in this weeks list of links from Toad Hollow Photography.  We really hope you enjoy viewing the works listed here as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.

Mar 15, 12

Google is expanding its search engine to present more answers at the top of search listings, instead of the list of links to third party Web sites that the search engine is known for.

Feb 28, 12

The next time you open up Gmail in Chrome keep an eye out for the prompt above, which uses HTML5 to finally close the gap between the way Google's browser handles mailto: links and its popular email service.

Dec 26, 11

Links to all sorts of resources for schools, particularly related to the use of technology in K-12 schools.
These pages are designed to support innovative teachers who are integrating ICT in the curriculum.

Sep 03, 11

The instinctive easy way to strengthen a particular web page’s SEO is to load the sucker with as many links as possible. But any seasoned SEO strategist will tell you that while links are always good, too many is definitely bad.

May 03, 11

Linking you to web sites supporting the Ontario curriculum.

Apr 15, 11


Always FREE, easy and Simple!

Organize all your social network profiles in one link that can be accessed in one click, link, or profile badge!

Apr 08, 11

See all of your links in one place.

Mar 31, 11

MyLinkVault is a free online favorites manager. Other favorites managers can be so clumsy to use - trying to rearrange your favorites can be slow and frustrating

Mar 28, 11

Alphabet Soup--for the young and the "young at heart"! Alphabet Soup contains thematic units, holiday units, games and activities for kids; teacher and parent resources; and crafts, humor and recipes for all! Be sure to check out the Kindergarten Kafe, recipes dictated by 5-year-olds! Includes plenty of free printables!

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