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17 Nov 12

Current job postings for TechSmith - great reads and discussion for Computer Science Students

04 Oct 12

"If you’re looking for someone to blame for Apple ditching Google Maps on the iPhone, try Steve Jobs."

26 Aug 12

"I’ve never been good at class jobs.  I always forget to rotate them.  But the students love having jobs (most of them anyway) and truthfully it’s helpful to have them take care of the little things.  In the 21st century classroom there is potential for new and exciting jobs.  Here are a few that I’ve added to my list over the last few years."

28 May 12

So, while applying for such jobs, you need to display your good academic records and research abilities, to prove your potential to handle positional responsibilities. Thus, they help you to create an additional advantage, by highlighting your strong aspirations, to serve the education sector.

15 Feb 12

Someone found out that Path—and most probably other apps—was stealing your contacts' information from your iPhone and iPad without telling you about it. This happened because of Path's greediness, but also because Apple is not protecting your privacy as it should.

26 Jan 12

When you think of Apple, you may think of their longtime rival in the OS space, Microsoft. When you think of Mac OS, you may think of Windows (drawing comparisons between the two since Windows debuted), and when you think of Steve Jobs, you often think of Bill Gates

10 Jan 12

Many college students are concerned about finding employment after they graduate but those who major in computer science are "almost certain" to be hired.

02 Dec 11

Over the lines, at odd angles - even, occasionally, on top of other cars. They're some of the worst parking jobs ever caught on camera.

14 Nov 11

All the fixation on creating jobs in America is outdated and misguided, argues media theorist and author Douglas Rushkoff. He explains to WSJ's Dennis Berman his theory on new models that could actually increase productivity and make Americans more satisfied.

25 Aug 11

With all of the interesting Steve Jobs articles and tributes circulating between yesterday and today, this has got to be by far one of the most amazing that I have seen. The folks at Column Five have put together an infographic visually depicting Steve Jobs’ impressive legacy.

25 Aug 11

"The 313 Apple patents that list Steven P. Jobs among the group of inventors offer a glimpse at his legendary say over the minute details of the company’s products — from the company’s iconic computer cases to the glass staircases that are featured in many Apple stores."

24 Aug 11

You're looking at the "All My Files" icon to the right, newly introduced in OS X Lion. Edible Apple reveals that if you zoom in closely on the icon's text, you see that it's full of quotes from Steve Jobs.

07 May 11

In Adam Lashinsky’s latest feature story on Fortune magazine’s new issue — available now on the iPad at $4.99 as single in-app purchase, and free for Fortune subscribers — the author reveals several unknown anecdotes about the company, internal management, and Steve Jobs. The story is full of interesting details for Apple fans and journalists, as well as little known facts about the personality of the CEO, Steve Jobs.

12 Mar 11

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