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Nov 16, 12

"Needless to say, parents of teens nowadays must do everything they can to stay in-the-know. Since your teens have grown up in an online world, they may very well be more online savvy than you, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to give up. As parents, we must challenge ourselves to become familiar with the complexities of the teen online universe and stay educated on the various devices your teens are using to go online."

Sep 22, 12

"We noticed recently that some kids are leaving comments with both their first and last name - not a good idea if you are under 13 years old (don’t worry, we changed them for you before we made them live). So, we thought we would take a moment this morning this morning to remind students about five important "Internet Rules of the Road." You should follow these rules if you are writing a comment, uploading a photo, or uploading a video anywhere on the Internet, not just on this website."

Jun 05, 12

SecureSafe is a maximum security Internet service (SaaS) developed by DSwiss AG and leading Swiss IT-Security and engineering companies. Furthermore, innovations emerging from research at universities – recognized and supported by the Swiss federal government - contribute to current and future security innovations.

Feb 07, 12

Welcome, and thank you for joining us to celebrate Safer Internet Day (SID) 2012, taking place on Tuesday 7 February 2012 with the theme ‘Connecting generations’ and the slogan ‘Discover the digital world together… safely!’. 

Oct 03, 11

RIch Kiker's library of internet safety resources

Jun 10, 11

Activities and tutorials to help students become smarter internet users

Apr 01, 11

The Internet "highway" offers a wealth of information and learning experiences for students.  However, students should be "safe drivers" in order to avoid the hazards of the World Wide Web.  The following links provide cautionary facts, essential skills and needed practice to help students negotiate the dangers and reap the benefits of the Internet.

Nov 16, 10

Wonder Wheel search for internet safety kids games

Nov 16, 10

The internet catalogue for students, teachers, administrators & parents.
Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience. 

Feb 13, 10

This report is based on evidence from a small-scale survey carried out between April and July 2009 in 35 maintained schools in England. It evaluates the extent to which the schools taught pupils to adopt safe and responsible practices in using new technologies, and how they achieved this. It also assesses the extent and quality of the training the schools provided for their staff. It responds to the report of the Byron Review, Safer children in a digital world.

Jun 05, 08

A revolutionary new kids’ browser that makes surfing the Internet fun and easy for kids from 3-12.

May 20, 09

Direct access to the best sites, videos and games for kids on the net.

Jan 05, 10

"The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use, is making available a range of professional resources to assist schools in addressing the challenges of safe and responsible Internet use and the important shift to 21st Century learning environments. "

Dec 15, 09

"Google has teamed up with iKeepSafe, a leading online safety organization, to develop an in-class curriculum that goes along with our animated video series to bring to local communities."

Oct 04, 08

Here at Internet 101, our motto is “police and partners . . . working together to web-proof our communities”.

Aug 29, 09

Australia's leading criminologist thinks online scams have escalated to such a point that first-time users of computers should have to earn a licence to surf the web.

Jun 12, 09

Recently, you discovered that your child’s school has the Internet, and even more shocking, you found that anyone could get into YouTube through a simple search. You also quickly tested the site and found that objectionable videos could be accessed by mer

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