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Feb 22, 11

A blog about search, search skills, teaching search, learning how to search, learning how to use Google effectively, learning how to do research. It also covers a good deal of sensemaking
and information foraging.

— Doug Peterson (@dougpete) December 17, 2015

Jul 26, 14

"Authored by leading journalists from the BBC, Storyful, ABC, Digital First Media and other verification experts, the Verification Handbook is a groundbreaking new resource for journalists and aid providers. It provides the tools, techniques and step-by-step guidelines for how to deal with user-generated content (UGC) during emergencies."

Sep 29, 13

"This is the first in a series of videos explaining the shifts we're seeing in the world of content creation. Curation has exploded with the growth of Twitter, Tumblr and now Pinterest. In this video, we wanted to try to get into the heads of some of our favorite curators to understand what makes them tick."

Aug 20, 13

"Properly auditing your PCs requires the right tools to handle the task; here are five apps we can recommend. "

Mar 17, 13

"Information overload, information crap,information pollution...are some of the words that are being used now to describe the tsunami of irrelevant information we are bombarded with day and night."

Jan 15, 13

Leaders Helping to Make the Right Connections
Uniquely designed to provide Internationally Educated Professional (IEPs) with an up-close, one-on-one perspective of working in Ontario’s ICT sector, Coaching to Career is your last stage of “employment readiness”.

Dec 24, 12

"Girls in IT: The Facts, sponsored by NCWIT's K-12 Alliance, is a synthesis of the existing literature on increasing girls’ participation in computing. It aims to bring together this latest research so that readers can gain a clearer and more coherent picture of 1) the current state of affairs for girls in computing, 2) the key barriers to increasing girls’ participation in these fields, and 3) promising practices for addressing these barriers."

Nov 16, 12

"Needless to say, parents of teens nowadays must do everything they can to stay in-the-know. Since your teens have grown up in an online world, they may very well be more online savvy than you, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to give up. As parents, we must challenge ourselves to become familiar with the complexities of the teen online universe and stay educated on the various devices your teens are using to go online."

Jul 25, 12

Dell, as quoted by the official website, plans to launch its XPS 13 laptop 13 inch 12:04 LTS Ubuntu based, in September or October 2012.

Linux open source operating system will be expanded Ultrabook market through the computer manufacturer, Dell.

Jul 16, 12

The rush to capitalise on online learning has been with us for a long time now, but across a number of contexts I am involved in currently it would be fair to say the surge has increased significantly. Educational providers and companies appear to be in an almighty rush to get courses online, capitalise on reaching a wider audience of students, and reduce the costly or inconvenient processes associated with F2F learning.

Jun 19, 12

Claims about the power of new electronic devices to “revolutionize” schooling are a dime a dozen. Yet, if they are nearly worthless, why have smart people said them over and over again?

Jun 05, 12

Last week Doug Peterson pointed me to an article called “Let’s not call it computer science if we really mean computer programming.” My initial reaction was “Let’s not call it computer programming if we really mean software engineering.”  Really the author was talking more about the difference between CS and SE than much else.The ACM has a great Computing Careers web site which lists a number of computing fields and degrees. I recommend this series to teachers and guidance councilors all the time. They list five different degree paths:

May 31, 12

Students who use online learning can take in information faster than those who only take part in classroom-based sessions, new research has indicated.

May 29, 12

I was recently involved in a conversation about how difficult it now is to filter what is on the internet and research effectively. In the past, students would primarily use books to research; being overloaded with possibly unreliable information wasn’t really an issue.

Mar 16, 12

Are you teaching Advanced Placement Computer Science? Are you looking for supplemental exercises that may help you students with the concepts? If so this announcement may be of interest to you. Pex for Fun has been around for a while offering coding duels in C#, F# and Visual Basic. Recently though it was decided to invest some time, money and effort to adapt some exercises specifically to help learn APCS concepts. Most students find the differences between Java and C# pretty minor at this level so most APCS students will find this doable even if they have only been taught Java previously.

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